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101 A physician of Berlin, Hartford, CT
Percival, James (I5475)
102 A railway carpenter, lived in St. Petersburg, PA Ritts, Harvey (I2204)
103 A William Martin is listed in the Huron Co. 1870 Census Index
[Huron Co., Ohio, census]
WAKEMAN TWP. 1880 Census INDEX; Heads-of-House, etc.
'f.' is the Family Number as given in Census;
'v' is the "village" section,
't' is the "township" section.

MARTIN, William p.269C f. 74 t
Page 269C
Family listed
Township Section 74

Check out newspaper obituaries:
REF: "Index to deaths from newspapers of Randolph County, Ill Volume 1" by Linda Demster
Ritts, Barney Mrs. HT Feb 7 01

Census Records
1870 Norwalk Twp, Huron Co., OH lists an Annie as 5 years old in the family of Zadoc Martin
1880 Norwalk Village, Huron Co., OH lists an Anna as 15 years old in the family of Zaddoc Martin

Zadock Martin married Olive Wilcox on 18 May 1847 in Huron Co., OH
Zadock J. Martin married Orpha M. Knapp on 1 Sep 1854 in Huron Co., OH

REF: Marilyn Scott
One of twelve children, six girls and six boys. From eastern Ohio and/or western Pennsylvania?
"Asleep in Jesus, Oh how sweet my darling is at rest" - written on tombstone.
Martin, Anna Elnora (I254)
104 A. D. Laughlin married Grandison Wood and Electa Woodworth on February 20, 1850 in Wyoming Valley Township, Iowa Co., Wisconsin. Also believe he married Samuel F. Wood and Agnes Ann Franklin (A. D.'s sister-in-law) possibly in Grant County, WI

1885 Scandia, Republic, Kansas
Listed as 70 years old and Preacher
Eliz listed as 55 years old 
Laughlin, Rev Arthur D. (I3608)
105 Abigail was born in Leyden, Holland (parents moved from England to Holland to avoid persecution - they were Pilgrims) and she came to America with her parents in the ship Little James or the Anne which arrived at Plymouth in August 1623. This information was obtained by Mervel from "The Wood Geneology, 62". Weston's "History of the Town of Middleboro" makes many references to David Wood. Also see The Mayflower Descendant Vol. 1.

Note: REF: The Jenney Book
Note: REF: IGI
Note: NOTE: She married after father's will - against her father's wishes

REF: Jules Schlechter
Abigail Jenney b: April 16, 1619 in Juid, Leiden, Holland m: April 28, 1644 in Plymouth, MA d: Aft. 1690 in Plymouth, MA 
Jenney, Abigail (I136)
106 According to Henry Z. Jones, Jr. (1(1135)), "the German origins of Philipp and Martin Zerbe were at 6209 Kettenbach (12 km. n. of Bad Schwalbach)" in the commune of Minster, Germany.

D. Curtis Hester (10(1)) wrote: "It is legendary that the Zerbe family is of French origin, being natives of France and moving from Lorraine to Switzerland, and later to the Palatine. Their known ancestral home being at Kettenbach, Germany. Fragmented records of the family begin there in 1643...."

[Martin Zerbe descendants.FTW]: "Fragmented records of the Zirbe/Zerbe family begin in Kettenbach, Germany in 1643. It is legendary (sic) that the family is of French origin, being natives of France and moving from Lorraine to Switzerland, and later to the Palatine after the Edict of Nantes was revoked."

In an article entitled "Finding the Ancestral Home of a Palatine Forefather: The Case of Martin Zerbe," (source 103) Henry Z. Jones, Jr. wrote: "...Martin Zirbe(n) was the earliest direct ancestor of the immigrant found at Kettenbach. This Martin Senior was buried there on 8 Mar 1694; his wife Anna Elisabetha or Elbet survived him, as the records show she was buried at Kettenbach on 8 Jan 1703..."
Zerbe, Martin (I5826)
107 According to his tombstone transcription (151(12)), he served from 1861-1865 in the GAR in the Civil War.
Zerbe, Joseph (I5736)
108 According to Mason Spelts Zerbe, Sr.'s records (source 46), Phillip "bought and lived on the old homestead adjoining Hetzel's church. He was granted a warrant for a tract of land from the Commonwealth of Pa. May the eighth, 1798, called 'Good Intent' to be held in trust for the Lutheran Congregation, and upon which tract was built Hetzel's church."

The 1790 census (191(5)) shows Phillip, Adam, Andrew and Benjamin Zerbe living in Pine Grove. Phillip, Benjamin and Adam appear on the same census image (191(8)), suggesting that they lived near each other. I suspect that they are this Phillip and his brother Benjamin. Adam and Andrew may be unknown brothers of Phillip and Benjamin. -- Mark Zerbe

Pennsylvania State Archives (http://www.digitalarchives.state.pa.us/index.asp) shows a Philip Zerben in Captain Bretz's Co. (263) 
Zerbe, Philip (I5745)
109 According to Merle Baker in an interview with Mervel (2/10/92) Arthur and his wife, Mary, were quite poor.
Stahlhuth, Arthur Alfred (I199)
110 Admitted freeman in Colchester Sept 1748

Pierpont was a slave owner and freed them at his death

Probate records
Hartford district, Connecticut
Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 3-4
Page 73 -- 4 August, 1732: This Court appoint Ann BACON, alias GILL, the relict of Beriah BACON, late of Middletown, and her present husband Joshua GILL to be guardians to Beriah BACON, age 12 years, Perepont BACON, age 8 years, Ann 10, and Bethia BACON, age 4 years. Recog., 200.

He endowed Bacon Academy with $35,000 Colchester, CT

Bacon, Pierpont (I5173)
111 Adopted Huston, Living (I5335)
112 Adopted Huston, Stephanie (I5334)
113 Adopted Richards, Living (I5766)
114 Adopted ... May Stotka
Palmer, Living (I3902)
115 Adopted in 1982 ... May Stotka
Upson, Living (I5664)
116 Age about 30 years at her death

U.S. Census
1870 Portage Des Sioux, St. Charles Co., Missouri
Does not list Margaret with James
Stake, Margaret (I2366)
117 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Brown, Melvin O. Jr. (I1167)
118 Airforce careerman
Deshler, Living (I1160)
119 Airforce careerman
Deshler, Living (I1159)
120 AirForce careerman Bess, Living (I1120)
121 Albert homesteaded in Montana where Uncle Arthur and Grandpa Wood (Samuel Francis) went out by train to help him secure it. He then moved on to California. - Mervel's geneology book

REF: History of Hardin County, Iowa Springfield, Ill: Union Publishing Company, 1883, p 523
Alden Township Biographies
Albert Wood
Albert Wood is a son G. C. and Electa (Woodworth) Wood, and was born in Iowa county, Wis., in 1853, remaining until 1865, when the family moved to Hardin county, and settled in Alden township. Here his father died in 1872, and his mother in 1874. He has held the office of road supervisor two years, school director three years, and is present secretary of the township district schools. He was married in January, 1881, to Miss Flora Brown, a native of Iowa county, Wis. They have one child.
Wood, Albert Gilespie (I95)
122 Alden Cemetery (Alden, Hardin, Iowa); NW of Alden on 125th Street. Grave markers. Source (S229)
Title: The Four Spencer Brothers Their Ancestors and Descendants
Author: Jacobus, Donald Lines
Date: 1951
Text: p. 84

Title: The English Origin of Agnes Harris, of Hartford, Conn., Wife of
William Spencer and William Edwards
Author: Richardson, Douglas
Text: p. 34

Title: Tucker - Wyatt - Allyn - Pratt, The Wife of William Spencer and
William Edwards
Author: McCracken, George E.
Text: p. 65

Title: The Whitbread Family of Gravenhurst, Bedfordshire, England
Author: Torrey, Clarence Almon
Date: July 1956
Text: p. 136
Whitbread, Alice (I2530)
124 All Family Records, Ancestry.com tree by Joan Riddle Giles Donley, Mary Jane (I5815)
125 Allen was named for his maternal grandfather. Haughey, Allen Barber (I3177)
126 Alternate birth date 01 May 1659 ?? Hungerford, Sarah (I2496)
127 Alternate first name, Alvira
Bissell, Alvina (I5432)
128 Alternate first name: Neoma Hatch, Naomi (I1057)
129 Alternate surname is Aldesborough; he is of Tew.
Alderborough, Alexander (I2274)
130 Ancestry.com
Ohio Marriages 1803 - 1900

REF: Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center Library
Norwalk Daily Reflector
December 30, 1886 p4 c2
Barnard Ritts, of Lima, and Miss Annie E. Martin, of this city, were married at the home of the bride's parents on Corwin street yesterday morning by Rev. J. Nelson Lewis. They left in the evening for Lima, their future home.
Family F6
131 Ancestry.com
Some trees show 7 children and family living in Scotland

McCaughan, Archy (I6666)
132 Ancestry.com records
Some show another child named Henry born 1867

McCaughan, Martha (I6264)
133 Ancestry.com. Richard Hawes of Dorchester, Massachusetts and some of his descendants [database on-line]. Provo, UT: The Generations Network, Inc., 2005.
Original data: Hawes, Frank Mortimer,. Richard Hawes of Dorchester, Massachusetts and some of his descendants. Hartford, Conn.: Case, Lockwood & Brainard, 1932.
p 27-28
Administration of the estate of Jonathan Bragg, who died at the "Castell", was granted to Capt. Roger Clap, and the inventory was taken by Nicholas Baxter and Eliezer Hawes. It mentions looms, cloth, &c. and is so much like that of Eliezer Hawes, taken a short time after, that we may infer the two young men practised weaving. Roger Clap, in his "Wonder Working Providences", speaks of the godliness of Baxter.
Eleazer Hawes had a shorter earthly career than his father and brother. He was killed in the memorable Sudbury Fight, 21 April 1676. For an account of the battle, consult Bodge's "King Philip's War". On p. 231 the author gives the names of the slain, and adds: Suffolk Probate furnishes the name of Eleazer Hawes of Dorchester. These, with Capt. Samuel Wadsworth and Capt. Brocklebank, make in all 21 slain. p. 452: "The heirs of Eleazer Hawes, 24 Oct., 1676, received nine shillings which was due him." p. 222: Capt Samuel Wadsworth with his company of seventy men, some of them mere boys, stationed at Marlborough, went to the relief of Sudbury. The Indians came creeping in there April 20. Wadsworth's men had marched through Sudbury the evening of the 20th, on their way from Boston to Marlborough, and even then a great body of the enemy was lying about the town and its approaches. He reached Marlborough at midnight, when he heard that the Indians had gone to Sudbury. He turned hastily back. --- Miserably tired from marching, they were drawn into ambush by 1000 Indians. The English fought from a hill for four hours. But the Indians set fire to some woods to windward and forced them from their poisition. In the retreat they killed all but a few who escaped to a mill.
"Inventory of the estate of Eleazer Hawes of Dorchester who was slain in ye warres, 21 April 1676, taken 16 May 1676, by James Humphrey, John Bide (Bird) Robe Seawell, Stephen Hoppin". The amount was small, but among things enumerated was a house with land and cattle. Obadiah Hawes acknowledged its correctness and was appointeed administrator, 23 May that year. (Gen. Reg. Vol. XX: 341-353)
Eleazer Hawes m. 23 Feb., 1669-70, Capt. Clap officiating, Ruth, b. 27 April 1646; d. in Dorchester, 16 Aug., 1672, dau. of Edmund and Hannah Haynes (Gen. Reg. V: 400). They were of Springfield, where he d. in 1646, and his widow m. George Lankton (Longhton). Both had d. before 1678. (Consult Hampshire Pro. at Northampton, Vol. I: 193.) Enos Kingsley (married Sarah, sister of Ruth Haynes) acted as attorney for Obadiah Hawes admr. of Eleazer's estate, and plaintiff contra John Langton of Farmington, Ct., exor. to George Langhton, sen., deceased. The action was to recover property belonging to Ruth Hawes, alias Haynes, dau. of the widow Haynes. Kingsley obtained judgment for the plaintiff.
Eleazer Hawes left no male decendant, but his name was perpetuated through several generations. It is doubtful, however, if many who bore the name knew the tragic history of the first Eleazer. 
Hawes, Eleazer (I6511)
134 ANCESTRY: she was great-granddaughter of the Sheriff of the City of London,
Nicholas Leveson 
Sadler, Marie (I2252)
135 Anderson, Robert Charles, George F. Sanborn, Jr., Melinde Lutz Sanborn. Great Migration 1634-1635, A-B. (Online database. AmericanAncestors.org. New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2008.). Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1999. Source (S212)
136 Anderson, Robert Charles, George F. Sanborn, Jr., Melinde Lutz Sanborn. Great Migration 1634-1635, C-F. (Online database. AmericanAncestors.org. New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2008.). Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2001. Source (S215)
137 Andrew's estate was inventoried and distributed in Pomfret

Title: Society of Genealogy of Durkee Andrew Durkee - Mary Bartholomew family group sheet supplied 26 August 1998 3753 East 15th Street, Long Beach, CA 90804 (1998)
Abbrev: DurkeeAndrew, FGS
Type: Family Group E!
Date: 1 FEB 2000
Note: Sources: CT VR, Church record

Author: Matt Bushnell Jones
Title: History of the Town of Waitsfield, Vermont 1782-1908
Publication: Boston: George E. Littlefield, 1909 Charlestown: NEHGS Photocopy, Acme Bookbinding, 1995
Abbrev: Jones, M B, Waitsfield, VT
Type: Book, Reprint E!
Date: 3 JAN 2000
Note: p. 298, Durkee

Title: Society of Genealogy of Durkee, Founded 1977, Incorporated 1984, "Durkee Family Newsletter" Robin K. Durkee, President; Bernice B. Gunderson, Editor & Family Researcher
3753 East 15th Street Long Beach, CA 90804 (1998)

Abbrev: Durkee Newsletter, Durkee
Type: Manuscript
Date: 3 JAN 2000
Note: Vol IV, No. 2, (Summer 1985) p. 38-9, The Will of Thomas Dirkee, named in will

Title: Barbour Collection: Connecticut vital records prior to 1850 compiled by Lucius A. Barbour and Lucius B. Barbour
Salt Lake City: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1949 (98 microfilm reels) at Tacoma Public Library, Tacoma, WA

Abbrev: Vital Records, Barbour Collection
Type: Manuscript
Date: 3 APR 2000
Note: Windham VR, Vol 1:20, Durkee, Durke, Durgee, Durge, Durgey, Dirke, Dorkee, Duke, Durkey, Andrew

Title: Barbour Collection: Connecticut vital records prior to 1850 compiled by Lucius A. Barbour and Lucius B. Barbour
Salt Lake City: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1949 (98 microfilm reels) at Tacoma Public Library, Tacoma, WA

Abbrev: Vital Records, Barbour Collection
Type: Manuscript
Date: 3 APR 2000
Note: Pomfret CT VR Vol 1:79, Durkee, Darkey, Derkee, Andrew
Durkee, Andrew (I2821)
138 Ann Huston was said to have been small of stature.
Source: 'History of the Huston Families and their Descendants', E. Rankin Huston, 1912, p 84, 202. 
Huston, Ann (I3042)
139 Another date of marriage is Nov 5 1872. Family F1328
140 Another Orpha Knapp married Wm W. Sisson on 11 Oct 1835 in Huron Co., OH. Is this an aunt?

REF: Huron County cemetry Inscriptions
Woodlawn Cemetery, Norwalk Twp, Section 21, Ave K, Row 14
Martin, Orpha (no dates)
Martin, Bert Z. (no dates)
Martin, Frank (no dates)
Martin, Edgar (no dates)
Martin, Ida Hawkins (no dates)
Martin, James Albert (no dates)

1850 - Greenfield Twp, Huron Co., OH page 210, image 32
Lists Alfred Knapp and 6 children. Elizabeth is age 12. Is this Orpha?
1850 - Hartland Twp, Huron Co., OH page 400, image
Lists Ethan Knapp and 6 children. Phebe is age 13.

REF: Fornof Genealogy site: www.fornof.org
William Martin: Born September 12, 1855 in Ohio, died in 1927; married Phoebe Rounds, who was born in 1853, died in 1933.

Francis M. Martin: Born January 26, 1857 in Iowa, married Elizabeth Kilbourne.

James A. Martin: Born November 7, 1858 in Iowa.

Mary E. Martin: Born December 14, 1860 in Iowa. Her husband, Orson Kilburn, was blinded in the Civil War. Their children were Frank, Ora, Lillian and William. Ora later married Carl Vradenburg. She took in Beatrice, Irene Bartlett's daughter from her first marriage.

Emma J. Martin: Born February 8, 1863 in Ohio.

Anna E. Martin: Born June 7, 1865 in Ohio; married Barney Ritz. Children: Irene Ritz, Lewis Ritz, Charles Ritz and Robert Ritz.

Hattie Martin: Born 1867; evidently died before 1890.

Perry E. Martin: Born February 8, 1870.

Elmer Martin: Born 1872; married Ida Bartlett; children: Alva Martin, Clarence Martin, George Martin, Glenville Martin, Lester Martin, Bert Martin, Theodore Martin, Elmer Martin, Lina Martin, Ada Martin and Vernon Martin; died April 1, 1916.

Ora R. Martin: Born May 23, 1874; married George Bartlett; Children: Carl Bartlett, Robert Bartlett, Lynol Bartlett, Ethel Bartlett, Roscoe Bartlett and Lula Bartlett; died in 1928.

Etta O.Martin (Orpha Etta Martin): Born December 2, 1876; married John Bartlett.

Albert Z. Martin: Born September 2, 1879; married Ida Hawkins

Occupation: Homemaker

Born in Bronson, Huron County, Ohio May 31, 1839 (based on application for widow's pension and death certificate).

Census Record, unknown County, 1850
Orpha Knapp, 11, living with Anthony (30) and Clarissa (18) Wyble. Other Wybles are neighbors (parents?)

Certified Copy of Marriage Record
Zadock Martin and Orpha Knapp, married September 1, 1854, per certificate issued August 26, 1854, at Wakeman, Huron County Ohio

Census Record, July 21, 1870, Norwalk Township, Huron County
Zadock Martin, 44, laborer, born New York
Orpha, 31, born Ohio
Edgar, 20, born Ohio
Laura, 18, born Ohio
William, 15, born Ohio
Frank, 13, born Iowa
James, 11, born Iowa
Mary E., 9, born Iowa
Emma J., 7, born Iowa
Annie, 5, born Ohio
Hattie (?), 3, born Ohio
Perry, 7/12, born in February, Ohio

June 11, 1880 Census Record, Norwalk Village, Huron County
Zadock Martin, 58, laborer, born New York, father born New York, mother born New York
Orpha, 41, wife, born Ohio, father born New York, mother born New York
Anna, 15, born Ohio
Hattie, 13
Elmer, 8
Ora, 6
Eddie, 4
Albert, 8/12

Application for Pension, Zadock Martin, March 11, 1891, Norwalk, Ohio
Married to Ortha (sic) M. Martin, maiden name Ortha (sic) M. Knapp, August 17, 1854. First wife, Olive Wilcox, married August 1847. Children:
Edgar A. Martin, born April 18, 1850
Laura E. Martin, born September 29, 1852
William H. Martin, born September 12, 1855
Francis M. Martin, born January (?) 26, 1857
James A. Martin, born November 17, 1858
Mary L. Martin, born December 14, 1860
Emma J. Martin, born February 8, 1863
Anna E. Martin, born June 7, 1865
Perry E. born February 8, 1870
Oria R., born May 23, 1874
Etta E. Martin, born December 2, 1878
Bertie Z., born September 12, 1879

Census Record, June 7, 1900, Norwalk City, Huron County
Zadock Martin, born March 1827, married 45 years, born New York, father born New York, mother born New York, Teamster, 11 months unemployed
Orpha M. Martin, born May 1838, 62, married 45 years, born Ohio, father born New York, mother born New York, 12 children, 10 living
Bertie Z., born September 1879, 20, born Ohio, teamster, 10 months unemployed
Marian Peat, granddaughter, born May 1892, born Ohio

Census Record, March 19, 1910, City of Norwalk, Norwalk Township
Zadock Martin, 85, married twice, last marriage 56 years, born in New York, father born in New York mother born in New York.
Orpha, 70, first marriage, 56 years, 12 children, 9 living, born in Ohio, father born in New York, mother born in New York.
James A., son, 51, divorced, born in Iowa, laborer, out of work 16 weeks in 1909.
Lucy Tuttle, sister-in-law, 66, widow, born Ohio, father born in New York, mother born in New York.

Application for Widow's Pension (found in Zadock Martin's file), September 18, 1916
Born May 31, 1839 at Bronson, Huron County, Ohio; living at 70 Corwin Street, Norwalk. Soldier's Application filed July 17, 1890. Zadock's former marriage, August, 1847; first wife died on April 13, 1853. Orpha M. Martin married Zadock on September 1, 1854.

Death Certificate
Born May 31, 1839 in Norwalk; died January 11, 1921 of pleurisy, contributory factor broncho pneumonia; died in Norwalk; age 81 years, 7 months 11 days; buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Norwalk; husband, Zaddock Martin; father Bishop Knapp; informant, Will H. Martin, Norwalk.

BURIED: Woodlawn Cemetery, Norwalk Tp, Sec 21, Ave K, Row 14 (No Dates)

RE: Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center Library
Sandusky Daily Register
January 12, 1921 p8 c7
Mrs. Orpha Martin, 81, died at the home of her son, W. H. Martin, 16 Olive-st. Three sons and three daughters survive. Funeral services will be held here at 2 p.m. Friday.
Knapp, Orpha M. (I2209)
141 Apparently married by 26 November 1685 per her father's will Woodworth, Sarah (I1289)
142 Arrived in Salem, MA as part of Winthrop's Fleet
In June and July of 1630, as many as a thousand immigrants arrived in America on one of eleven ships that made up "Winthrop's Fleet," named for Massachusetts Bay Colony Governor John Winthrop. All of the ships departed from Yarmouth, Isle of Wight in England, and landed at Salem, Massachusets about two months later....Four ships set sail on April 8, 1630: AMBROSE, ARBELLA, HOPEWELL, and TALBOT. Seven ships set sail some time in May: CHARLES, JEWEL, MAYFLOWER, SUCCESS, TRIAL, WHALE, and WILLIAM & FRANCIS

REF: The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, Volumes I-III (Online database: AmericanAncestors.org, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2010), (Originally Published as: New England Historic Genealogical Society. Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, Volumes I-III, 3 vols., 1995). pp 773-775

In his will, dated 26 January 1639[/40] and proved 3 March 1639[/40], "William Gilson although weak in body" made "his wife Frances Gilson" whole executrix and bequeathed to "his cousin John Dammen" all his land at the third Cliff when the next crop is taken off, except that which is sown with rye; to "his cousin Hannah Dammen" L20; to "his cousin Daniel Romeball" 40s.; to "Mr. John Lathorpe" L5. In a nuncupative codicil dated "seven days before he died" "Mr. William Gilson" told Edward Foster "in his own house lying upon his sick bed" that he would do nothing morre for "his cousin John Dammen." Foster deposed about "understanding what he was minded to give his cousin John Dammen, which as I did conceive was not much considering that he had been a long time his servant and was his kinsman too, & he having no children" [MD 3:160, citing PCPR 1:35].

On 3 March 1639/40 whereas "Mr. Gilson, of Scituate, is lately deceased, & that Edward Foster, who should have proved his will, and Mr. Gilson's wife, who should have exhibited an inventory of his goods, were both dangerously sick, a commission is granted to Mr. Tymothy Hatherley, Will[ia]m Hatch, & Henry Cobb, to take the probate of the said will & inventory by sufficient witnesses, and to return the same the next Court" [PCR 1:141].

The inventory of "Mr. Will[ia]m Gilson who died at Scituate the first day of February 1639" was taken 12 March 1639[/40] and totalled L229 3s. 2d. including no real estate [MD 3:162, citing PCPR 1:35].

On 7 June 1649 four leading citizens of Scituate, in response to a petition from "John Damman" of Scituate, deposed that "whereas William Gillson, late of Seteeat, deceased, in his lifetime did require earnestly of the townsmen aforesaid several parcels of land for accommodation of the said William Gilson, but being required of him by us whose names are underwritten the reason of his deire of so much land, being ancient & having no issue of his body to inherit the same after him, his answer was, that he had brought over with him into New England two of his sister's children from their parents, and was bound in conscience both to take care & to provide for them as if they were his own; and we conceive that the land was granted unto him according unto his desire in that behalf" [PCR 2:142-43]. On 24 May 1649 Isaac Robinson testified that "I do remember that Mr. Gillson's plea with us for land was, that although he had no children of his own, yet that he had two of his sister's children, which he looked upon as his own, & so did desire to leave them something after his days was ended; and so for John Damman I have heard Mr. Gillson say that he whould have his land after his wife's days were ended; and I have likewise heard Mr. Gillson's wife acknowledge it, & further that she would not worng the said John & Hanna of what was her husband's will about the lands, yet she would not for some reasons have the said John & Hanna know her husband's will in that business for the present" [PCR 2:143]. At court on 8 June 1649 "proclamation was made that if any could lay any just claim or title to the lands of William Gillson, deceased, that they should come in and should be heard; but no claim or title was challenged" [PCR 2:143].

On 11 November 1633, in the settlement of the estate of Peter Brown, his daughter Priscilla was placed with William Gilson for twelve years, and he was given L15 for the use of Priscilla, which was to be returned at the end of her time [PCR 1:18-19]. On 28 October 1645, having finished "the term she was to dwell with W[illia]m Gilson," she chose her uncle John Brown as her guardian [PCR 2:89]; this would imply that she continued to serve with Gilson's widow after his death. 
Gilson, William (I2763)
143 Arrived in U.S. 1836
Hausam, Peter (I4786)
144 Arthur's middle name, Laughlin, is probably taken from Grandison and Electa's marriage minister's last name, A. D. Laughlin.
Moved in 1864 from Iowa County, Wisconsin with his parents by covered wagon to Dubuque and from there by train to Alden, Iowa where his folks homesteaded. Uncle Arthur lived there all his life.

Census Records
1900 Alden, Hardin Co., IA Lists his parents as being born in New York. Why did he say that? Or did the census taker get it wrong?
Wood, Arthur Laughlin (I94)
145 Atwood, Charles. History of the Atwood family, in England and the United States: To which is appended a short account of the Tenney family (Google eBook). Boston: Press of G.H. Ware, 1888. Source (S218)
146 Atwood, Elijah Francis. Ye Atte Wode Annals. Sisseton, SD: Atwood Publishing Co., 1928. Source (S217)
147 Aunt Pearl (6/1/91) said that Grandpa Bradenkemp was put in a hospital in St. Louis by Uncle Henry for cataracts and that he was having trouble spitting up - he went out on a balcony at the hospital and leaned over a low railing to spit and fell over - about 5 or 6 stories up and broke his neck. - Mervel

He had quit drinking for 5 or 6 years before he died. - Mervel

He went through the 8th grade and then started working in a grocery store in Foristell where he met Grandma. - Mervel

REF: Ancestry.com. Missouri State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1881 [database online]. Provo, Utah: MyFamily.com, Inc., 2004. Original data: Missouri State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1881. Vol. III. St. Louis: L. Polk and A. C. Danser, 1881. p 1034
Classified Directory
Bredenkamp & Bro, Walker [town]
p 1038
Bredenkamp H, Walker
Bredenkamp H & Bro, general store and grain dealer

REF: St. Louis City Directory, 1889. St. Louis, MO: Gould Directory Co., 1889. St. Louis City Directory, 1890. St. Louis, MO: Gould Directory Co., 1890.
Name: William Bredenkamp
Loction 2: r. 1907 Herbert
Occupation: Cigar
Year: 1890
City: St. Louis
State: MO

REF: 1876 State Census, St. Charles County, MO
Bradenkamp, Fred p 36

Annual Statement of the Trade and Commerce of St. Louis
By Merchants' Exchange of St. Louis
Published by R.P. Studley & Co., 1914
Item notes: 1913-14
Original from the University of Michigan
Digitized Sep 18, 2007
Members of the Merchants' Exchange of St. Louis
January 14th, 1914
Page 3
F. W. Bredenkamp & Son, Grain, 225 N. Seventh st., East St. Louis, Ill.

Bredenkamp, Frederick William II (I74)
148 B.A. form McKendree College. Taught school in Lebanon, Illinois
Walton, Emma (I245)
149 Baptism
Baptismal record of St. Paul's or Smoke Church Congregation in Windsor Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, 1766-1875, Berks County Historical Society, Henry Janssen Library, CR-S149, p 20:
Reitz, Elias and Rosina (parents) Catherine b. 5-17-1812 bapt. 4-18-1812, Godfried Seidel and Maria Sibyla (sponsors).

Ritz, Catherine (I2121)
150 Baptism records
Baptism: 16 May 1839 St John, Preston, Lancashire, England
John Gillibrand - [Child] of Adam Gillibrand & Hannah
Abode: Castle St
Occupation: Labourer
Baptised by: certified by J. Kitton
Register: Baptisms 1838 - 1840, Page 133, Entry 1061
Source: LDS Film 1278755

Gillibrand, John (I6706)

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