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2001 The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine XXIV #4, "Hans George Hertzel, Pioneer of Northampton County and his Family", p. 151

Note: Anna Sinter was, for many years, the midwife of Reihen. 
Sinter, Anna (I3379)
2002 The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, "Hans Georg Hertzel, Pioneer of Northampton County and His Family", p. 151.
Note: Arrived 21 September 1732 in Philadelphia, PA on the Pink Plaisance. 
Hirzel, Hans Heinrich (I3380)
2003 The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, "Hans George Hertzel, Pioneer of Northampton County and his Family", p. 151

Ulrick Hertsell, Skipach listed as passenger on Ship William and Mary arrived 18 Sept 1727 in Philadelphia from Rotterdam. Travelled with Johanes Leib and Hans Jerg Herzels.

"Skipach" indicates a prior residence in the province - he probably arrived prior to 1727. It appears that he returned to Europe, probably to find a wife, and was now returning with her: the list shows their were
only two persons in his party. No marriage record has been found in Reihen.

Ulrich Herzel has vital records (children) recorded in New Goshenhoppen Reformed Congregation, Upper Hanover Township, Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania.

Will - Philadelphia Will Book P, 7, #49:1771; see also Philadelphia Orphans Court Book 10, 120, 165.
Hiertzel, Hans Ulrich (I3389)
2004 The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, "Hans George Hertzel, Pioneer of Northampton County and his Family", Vol 24, p 151 Sinter, Hans (I3390)
2005 The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, Vol 24, p 151
The identification of the Hirtzel families in Reihen was undertaken in 1961 for Mr. Charles H. Price, Jr. of Telford, PA. The registers of the Reihen Evangelical Church in the State Archives at Karlsruhe were searched for him by Pastor Henry Schuchman. His findings were then collated and arranged in family groups by Dr. Fritz Braun of Kaiserlautern for Mr. Price. Mr. Price's interest is with the Hertzel family who were founding members of the Christ Reformed (Indian Creek) Church in Franconia Twp., Montgomery Co., PA.

Reihen, a village due north of Eppingen in the Upper Paltinate, some twenty miles down the Elsenz, the little tributary of the Neckar which flowed through both that town and the village of Reihen.

The Hirtzel family had lived in Reihen since about 1652, when Hans Heinrich Hirtzel and his wife Maria Steiner moved there from the parish of Pfafficon, Canton Zurich, Switzerland.

Sponsor at Baptism was Clemens Hirtzel, pastor of the congregations at Reihen, Steinsfurt, Kirchardt, and Stebbach.

Clemens Hirtzel is described as Venningenscher Untertan und des Gerichts in Reihen, Venningenscher Verwalter, a subject of the Venningen family as their administrator or bailiff. The von Venningen family had jurisdiction over a part of the village of Reihen, the Electorate Palatinate over the rest.
Hirzel, Clemens (I3378)
2006 The Pioneers Of Massachusetts Pub. Lib. 929.3744

The Mayflower Passengers

The Mayflower Planters Cape Cod Series Vo. I & II. by Leon Clark Hill

Signers of The Mayflower Compact page 38.

National Genealogical Society Quarterly vol.5,#1.

She is named in her husbands Will written Nov.14,1676, in Eastham, Barnstable, Massashusetts

Plymouth Colony Marriages To 1650 Pueblo public library

Adventures Of Purse And Person -Virginia 1607-1625 Pueblo library 975.

Author: John D. Austin
Publication: General Society of Mayflower Descendants
Source for birth

Author: Robert Charles Anderson
Publication: New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, MA

REF: Genealogy of Hugh and Marian (Yancey) Zorger Hugh A. Zorger

BIRTH: "Mayflower Descendants and Their Marriages" by J.T. Landers; mentioned in father's will; General Society of Mayflower Descendants. "Mayflower Families in Progress" Plymouth: General Society of Mayflower Descendants.

MARRIAGE: "New England Marriages" as noted above p.692.; General Society of Mayflower Descendants, "MFIP", Plymouth. Stratton, Eugene Aubrey,FASG. "Plymouth Colony Its History and People 1620-1692, Salt Lake City: Ancestry Publishing, 1986. "Mayflower Descendants and Their Marriages", J.T.Landers.

DEATH: "Saints and Strangers", George F. Wilson(New York 1945); "New England Marriages" as noted above p.692; "Mayflower Descendants and Their Marriages" as above.

Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Vol 6, John D Austin FASG, Published by General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1992.

Sailed to New World as a Pilgrim on the Mayflower 
Hopkins, Constance (I2750)
2007 The Records of Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church, Wilmington, Del., from 1697 to 1773; Historical Society of Delaware, 1890; p 712. Google Books, accessed 3 Oct 2016
Dec 6 1759
Ezekiel Currey and Elizabeth Brownlees 
Currey, Ezekiel (I6274)
2008 The ship "Samuel of London", Captain: Hugh Percy, sailed from Rotterdam by way of Cowes and arrived in Philadelphia on August 11, 1732. On board were about 279 German immigrants, including Martin Weigel, age 24 (a Carpenter from Helmstadt, Baden, Germany), his wife Anna Dorothea (Friedlin) Weigel, age 20, and their son Johann Sebastian Weigel, age 1 and a half. They settled in Lancaster and York County, Pennsylvania.

REF: Gary Weigel

Early Families in York County, PA by the Historical Society of York County, PA
The Weigel Family
This information was originally compiled by Harold W. Weigel, retired German History professor from Shippensburg University. Other spellings of Weigel include Wagel, Weichel, Weigal, Weikle, Wiygul, and Weigle.
Johann Martin Weigel was born in the village of Saalbach in Brandenburg, Germany November 11, 1703, son of Valtin Weigel. In 1724, he went to Worintz near the ancient city of Rothenburg where he learned the carpenter?s trade. In 1729, he married Anna Dorothea, daughter of Nicholas Triddel.

Johann Martin and Anna Dorothea embarked for America in June 1732 on the English ship Samuel. 277 other German emigrants were on board. Leaving Rotterdam, the ship proceeded to Cowes on the south coast of England, and then on to America. They landed at Philadelphia on August 11, 1732.

It is believed that they went directly to York county. It is certain that they lived west of the river (?) in 1736. Johann Martin is mentioned as one of the intended victims of the "Chester County Plot" where some of Lord Baltimore's sympathizers wished to drive the Germans out of the Kreutz Creek settlement. About 1738, they built what may have been the second mill west of the Susquehanna River on the Little Conewago Creek near the present road from York to Dover (Route 74). They had first tried to build it on the Codorus Creek, but found that stream too large for his pioneer venture. The mill is still located in the village of Shiloh at the border to the village of Weigelstown.

Johann Martin Weigel died January 31, 1759 leaving his wife and eight of his eleven children as survivors. He was burried in the Lutheran church yard at York, PA. His surviving children were: Sebastian (1730-1807), John Martin(1735-1822), Johann Jacob(1739-1804), Johann Leonard(1743-1825), Peter(1744-?), Henry(1747-1812?), Maria Juliana(1733-?), and Maria Elizabeth(1738-?).

Alternate spelling is Johannes Martin Veigle and Anna Dorothy Triddell

REF: Christina Finlayson

Birth information and father's name from Record of Death, Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Death information from Record of Death, Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church and from last will and testament.

Will lists children as Bastian, Martin, Jacob, Leonard, Peter, Henry, Juliana, and Elizabeth.

Came to America 11 Aug 1732 on ship "Samuel" with his wife. Sebastian not on ship. Ship left Rotterdam.

Note: York County created from Lancaster County in 1749.

REF: Ancestry.com B Showalter Family Tree BarbaraB1947
John & Dorothy Weigle who had emigrated from Saalbach, Brandenburg, Germany to Pennsylvania in 1730, just after their marriage. They were members of the Lutheran Faith. John Martin Weigel's father was named Valentine Weigel, who lived in the 1600's. Another Valentine Weigel, who lived about 100 years earlier was among the early Protestant reformers in Germany. The author of the book "THE WEIGEL FAMILY" writes: "The name Weigel-Weigl-Weigele goes back to the 12th century, when people adopted family names... At one time the Weigels were one family. It is likely the spelling of the name was not changed until the family separated, and branches of it settled in different parts of the country (of Germany). There are the Bavarian Weigls, Saxon Weigels, and further north, along the Baltic Sea, the name appeared Weigele. The Bavarian and Saxon Weigels preoccupied themselves mostly with matters of religion and in printing and publishing books... The Bavarian Weigls remained Catholics, but some of the Saxon Weigels became followers of Luther. A certain Saxon by the name of Valentin Weigel, frequently referred to as "Der Grosse (Great) Herder," became a follower of Luther and was an Evangelical pastor for a while. Becoming dissatisfied with Luther's preaching, he started a sect of mystics, which he called the "Weigelaner." Born at Naundorf near Grossenhain in 1533 (father: Michael Weigel), he studied at Leipzig and Wittenburg and from 1567 to his death was a preacher at Zschopan, near Chemnitz. He emphasized the necessity of internal unction (an anointing of Spirit; see 1 John 2:20) and illumination. He taught...that knowledge does not come from without, but from the Spirit operating upon our spirit within. In cosmology, Valentin Weigel stands near Paracelsus...(After his death), his writings were published from 1604 and 1618 in various places, and Weigelanism became widely spread. His opponents represented him (falsely) as a dangerous revolutionary who aimed at the overthrow of all political and social order." 
Weigel, Johann Martin (I1700)
2009 The Souza, Sherman, Huntsman, and Eaton Families by Darlene Jacoby, iagenweb.org, Lyon County, accessed 15 Nov 2016.
"My great grandmother, Julia Ann Amelia Souza was born Nov. 16, 1828, in Clarion, Clarion County, Pennsylvania. When a child she became a member of the German Lutheran church and has lived a devoted Christian life from that time. She was married to Peter Sherman March 1, 1849. To them were born nine children, seven of which are living. They moved to Illinois in 1866 and to northwest Iowa in 1888. United with the Presbyterian church of this place where she was a member at the time of her death. Her husband passed on before on March 23, 1893. On March 18, 1911, at Morristown, South Dakota., she peacefully passed out of this life to join the loved ones gone before." 
Sousa, Julia Ann Amelia (I2166)
2010 The Third Presbyterian Church of Rosemary Street, Belfast, Ireland had been established about 1722. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in 1941 by Nazi Germany during the Belfast Blitz. The Masonic Hall sits on the site today. Corry, Samuel (I6338)
2011 Their last child was born abt Sept of 1797, about 4 months after Joshua died, and then died in June 1798, aged about 10 months. She would have been conceived about Jan 1797, or 2 months before Joshua wrote his will on March 18, 1797.
Not sure if this child was a girl or a boy. 
Whitney, Unknown (I6149)
2012 There is a John Cowert, son of William Cowert, that was baptized on Aug 10, 1698 in St. Chad, Poulton le Fylde Cowart, John (I5978)
2013 There is a Thomas Lawson baptized in St. Chad, Poulton le Fylde to father John Lawson on Apr 16, 1727 Lawson, Thomas (I5962)
2014 There was a John McGrew in Christian County, Kentucky in 18??

There was a John McGraw in Fayette County, Illinois in 1847 
McGrew, Kezia (I717)
2015 These folks moved to California after their 3 kids moved out to Oakland, California. - Mervel
Kemper, Matilda (I179)
2016 They setttled five miles south of Wellsburg, Brooke Co., WV about 1800 Clendenin, Samuel (I3100)
2017 This is a mess ... Family Search is full of conficting data!!

REF: Raven Genealogy and Family History Alice Raven
see this family tree for more ancestors

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Hartford County Court and Probate Records, Book 3, page 6. Court July 9, 1663. The Inventory of Thomas Hungerford, of New London, was exhibited into Court, and Isaac Willey and Peter Blachford are appointed by this Court to husband the state, and pay debts that appear to be due from the state, and take care of the children, until the Court see cause to come to a distribution of the state. [:ITAL] 6

Residence: 1639 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
He was not an original proprietor (Savage), but was a "proprietor by courtesie of the towne" (Booth)
7 8
Residence: 1650 New London, New London, Connecticut 7 8
Occupation: constable 1652 New London, New London, Connecticut 7 8

Probate: 10 MAY 1664 Hartford County, Connecticut
Hartford County Court and Probate Records, page 15. Court, May 10, 1664. This Court accepts the account of the payment of debts to the creditors of Thomas Hungerford, and do
order that the estate be thus divied: To the relict the whole estate, she paying these portions, viz., To Thomas Hungerford, 7 pounds: to Sarah Hungerford, 4
pounds, and to Hannah Hungerford, 4 pounds,--the son to be paid at 21, and the daughters at 18. [:ITAL] 6

Title: "A Catalogue of the Names of the First Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut."
Author: R. R. Hinman
Publication: Hartford, CT, 1846
Note: "A Catalogue of the Names of the First Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut; with the Time of their Arrival in the Colony, and their standing in society, together with their place of residence, as far as can be discovered by the records."
Media: Book
From "A Catalogue of the Names of the First Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut.":
Hungerford, or foot, Thomas--on the record is spelt Hungerfoot until October, 1664, after which it is spelt Hungerford--the last is the name in England. He held land in Hartford before 1639. He died in '62, and left children, Thomas aged 15, Sarah 9, and Hannah 4 years old. He moved down the river, probably to Haddam or New London. Ancestor of William Hungerford, Esq. of Hartford.

REF: huber/page family at Rootsweb.com Brent Huber
From Caulkins History of New London, CT, page 281, "ThomasHungerford died in New London 1663." (His will is found in Printed Digest, Vol. 1, page 211, by Manwaring. Three children are mentioned in his will and estate, May 1, 1663. Thomas, aged about fifteen, Sarah, aged nine, Hannah, aged four. The relict of Thomas Hungerford married Samuel Spencer of East Haddam; one of the daughters married Lewis Hughs of Lyme, CT on the road leading from New London to the Nahantick bar (Rope Ferry). Nearly in the parallel of Bruen's Neck is a large single rock of granite that in former times has been popularly known as Hungerford's Fort. It is also mentioned on the proprietary records in describing the pathway to Bruen's Neck as the "greatrock called Hungerford's Fort".)

REF: Lutes-Palmer-Dunning-Ward at Rootsweb.com Linda Amundson
Thomas Hungerford, immigrant ancestor was born in England and came to this country as a mariner when he was a young man. In 1639 he owned a triangular piece of land with a house at Hartford, Conn. He moved to Pequot, now New London, and shortly afterwards cleared the land on which the fort now stands. He had 2 children by his first wife and remarried in 1650 producing 1 child from that marriage.

A Catalogue of the Names of the First Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut. Hartford, CT: - , 1846.
Text: Savage, James. A Genalogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, -Vol. I-IV (4). Boston, 1860-1862.Volume 2
page 498

REF: Dunham - Wilcox - Trott - Kirk website: http://dunhamwilcox.net/source_files/hungerford.htm

Thomas Hungerford 1, son of Anthony Hungerford and Lucy Unknown (Hungerford), was born about 1602 in Bremhill, Wiltshire, Eng 1 and died in Apr 1663 in New London, New London Co., CT 1 2.

1. Emigrant Ancestor; Bef 1639; Hartford, Hartford Co., CT.
2. Lawsuit; Sep 1644; Hartford, Hartford Co., CT 3. Math: Beckwith & Tho: Hungerford pl agt Will Edwards deft in an act of slaunder. In the act of math: Beckwith & Tho: Hungerford pl agt Will Edwards deft the Jury find for the pl damages 20s & Costs of Court.
3. Fine; 24 Mar 1653/54; New London, New London Co., CT 4. Thomas Hungerfoote for being Drunk Contrary to Law is fined accordingly 10ss
4. Lawsuit; 13 Jun 1655; New London, New London Co., CT 5. Tho: Hungerfoott plt Contra Tho: Rowell defendt in an Action of debt with the dammage to the valve of 37s 10d. In the Action betweene Tho: Hungerfoott plt and Tho: Rowell defendt the Courte adjudges the defendt to pay vnto ye plt det dammage thirty shillings and Costs of Courte.
5. Lands Recorded; 13 Jun 1655; New London, New London Co., CT 6. As the result of a petition to the court, "It is allso futher ordered with the good liking and to the full Satissfaction of Thomas Hungerfoot that the Towne of Pequott [New London] shall lay out and Record to the said Thomas Hungerfoot 40 acres of land in the neck of land to the Northward of John Prentice his land and Robert Hempsteed his land which doth fully answer all his demaunds against the said Towne of Pequott to this day."
6. Probate; 1 May 1663; New London, New London Co., CT 7. Name: Thomas Hungerford Location: New London Invt. ?100-05-06. Taken 1st May, 1663, by Obadiah Breuen, Samuel Smith, Robert Royse. The children: Thomas, age 15 years, Sarah 9, Hannah 4 years. Court Record, Page 6--9 July, 1663: Invt. Exhibited. Isaac Willey and Peter Blatchford to care for the estate. Page 15--10 May, 1664: Order to Dist. the whole of the estate to the Relict, she to pay to Thomas Hungerford ?7; to Sarah ?4, to Hannah ?4, at (Legal) age.

Thomas married Unknown Unknown (Hungerford).
Children from this marriage were:
2 M i. Thomas Hungerford 1 7 8 was born about 1648 in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT 1 7 8 and died on 11 Jan 1713/14 in East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT 1.
3 F ii. Sarah Hungerford 7 8 was born about 1654 7 8.

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8. Nathaniel Goodwin, Genealogical Notes of Connecticut and Massachusetts, (Hartford. 1856.) p 201.

9. Ancestors of Jeffrey Paul Fuller

10. Charles W. Manwaring, Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records (Hartford District), (Hartford, 1902). Vol 1, p 2.
Hungerford, Thomas (I2429)
2018 This is probably son of Christopher Stephenson
Stephenson, Thomas (I5879)
2019 Thomas is "of Thorpe Mandeville," England. Kirton, Thomas (I2251)
2020 Thomas was a knight and of Purshell. Purshell, Sir Thomas (I2276)
2021 Three children
James M. Hendricks
Thomas F. Hendricks
Milton Cicero Hendricks 
Ross, Sarah (I2066)
2022 Three of Clara's younger children (boys) from her marriage to Henry Kemper died during the cholera epidemic in 1840s as well as Henry.
Clara may be of Indian heritage - Aunt Pearl per Mervel
This family folklore persisted until I was able to gather the source data showing that Clara was born in Germany. What probably started this rumor is the picture of Clara where she "looks" Indian. In my research I found that some of the women from Buer, Germany have similar facial shapes (thin, high cheekbones).

REF: 1850 St. Charles City, MO Census
22 17 27 Kemper Elizabeth 20 F . . . MO

REF: Marriage Records of St. Louis and St. Louis Co., 1806 - 1965, Volume 02 / Page 158
Franz Henry Kemper married Clara Mary Kohlmann on May 25, 1839

REF: Glenn Feb 13, 2001
May have found something for you here it is:
all their children were baptized at Saint Paul Ev. Lutheran Church
New Melle, Missouri
I will get a complete listing of the children to you, this will help in establishing their birth and christening dates.
Also I found:
married MAY 11, 1853
by a Ev. Lutheran Minister named CLAUS.

I will get you all this information, I was in a hurry today and only wrote down the names and dates.
The family folklore may have it's tale some what straight, the Kemper family could have suffered their losses during a cholera epidemic but it wasn't in the early 1840's. The time doesn't fit I strongly believe it was the epidemic of the early 50's.

If this is your ancestors dismiss the American Indian theory on Miss Clara, I have KUHLMANN in my line also and they were pure Prussian(German). I am positive that the marriage that took place in 1853 is that of your FREDERICK WILLIAM and CLARA M. KEMPER, I am sure you know WILHELM is German for William and Maria is correct for Mary. Like most Germans they had several first names and they picked the one they liked. For example Clara, she might have been baptized CAROLINE CLARA MARIA, the three names more than likely came from the godmother and her name was CAROLINE CLARA was her given name and MARIA was her baptismal name. It was not unusual for all the females in the family to bear the name MARY(Maria). And KAMPER/KEMPER the Minister wrote it as he thought it sounded to him. I have a surname in my Ancestry of HEI, I have found it Hay, Hey, Ahe.
Also don't be surprised and I hope you are that the probate record of 1843 maybe that of Henry Kemper's father. Clara would have been in her 30's when she married FREDERICK BREDENKAMP, I figured her first marriage took place about 1841-42 she was about 18 maybe 20 so her birth was in the 1820's. I am positive she was not widowed long not with small children. At the time of our Ancestors there was a saying "A husband or wife would walk in church behind their spouse's casket and walk out with a dozen proposals or engaged to be married." One of my Ancestors was widowed in January 1850 and in Aug. 1850 he was married to a woman who was widowed in July of 1850.

Hope I gave you more help and I will get and copy the baptismal records and marriage record for you.
Take care and hope to see you on the screen soon.

REF: Glenn Feb 14, 2001


FREDERICK WILLIAM born: 5, MAY 1840 baptized: 15,May 1840
GERHARD FREDERICK born: 28, Jan. 1843 baptized: 28, Jan.1843
DAVID VICTOR born: 15, April 1845 baptized: 28, April 1845
CATHERINE LOUISE born: 15, April 1845 baptized: 28, April 1845
CATHERINE MARIE born: 31, October 1847 baptized: 31, Oct. 1847
FREDERICK WILLIAM born: 4, February 1850 baptized: 1, April 1850

married: 11, March 1853

FREDERICK WILLIAM born: 28, May 1856 baptized:28, May 1856
MARIA CAROLINE born: 9, January 1859 baptized: 9, January 1859

All the above came from the records of Saint Paul Ev. Lutheran Church New Melle, Mo.
Found a few other dates that maybe the death dates of some of the children.
FREDERICK WILLIAM KEMPER died: 4, April 1862 no age was given or date of birth.
CATHERINE LOUISE KEMPER died: 30, April 1876 ************************************
In one record the surname of BREDENKAMP is written BREITENKAMP
Hope this bit of inf. helps.

REF: Census
1850 Federal Census for District 78, St. Charles County, Missouri lists her as Caroline M. Kemper, age 32
1860 Federal Census for St. Charles County, Missouri (page 61) Lists her as Mary Bradencamp, age 43, and born in Norway

REF: History of St. Louis County, Missouri by William L. Thomas 1911 two volumes
Kuhleman, Henry ...............[Thomas 1]............ 167
Kuhlmann, Emma ................[Thomas 2]............ 365
Kuhlmann, F. W. ...............[Thomas 1]........ 214,243
Kuhlmann, Joseph ..............[Thomas 1]............ 123

REF: IGI at FamilySearch.org
Birth: 17 MAY 1818
Christening: 24 MAY 1818 Evangelisch, Gehlenbeck, Westfalen, Preussen

Birth: 27 MAR 1815 Buer, Westfalen, Preussen

REF: Early (pre 1900) St. Louis Places of Worship by David A. Lossos, (December 2, 2002)
Trinity German Evangelical Lutheran Church
Bishop Martin Stephan and 700 Lutherans arrived via steamboats in 1839. Stephan was expelled, and Otto Hermann Walther was the pastor of the congregation that worshiped in Christ Episcopal Church and which later became Trinity Church, the first German Lutheran church in St. Louis. His brother, Ferdinand Wilhelm Walther, succeeded him upon his death, and for 48 years was the dominant figure in the Lutheran movement. In 1842 they occupied a chapel on Lombard between 3rd and 4th. They relocated at 8th and Lafayette in 1865. The 1896 tornado destroy the church built in 1865, and reconstruction began immediately. Located at 1805 S. 8th Street, 63104)

The steamboat era began in Saint Louis on July 27, 1817, with the arrival of the "Zebulon M. Pike." Rapids north of the city made Saint Louis the northernmost navigable port for many large boats, and Pike and her sisters soon transformed St. Louis into a bustling boomtown, commercial center, and inland port. By the 1850s, Saint Louis had become the largest U.S. city west of Pittsburgh, and the second largest port in the country, with a commercial tonnage exceeded only by New York.

REF: SCCHS website
Femme Osage UCC Church
Femme Osage, Mo.
Last Name First, Middle Date
KAEMPER Gerh. Heinrich 28 Jan 1843
KAEMPER Heinrich Daniel Vic. 5 Apr 1845
KEMPER Cath. Louise 24 Apr 1845
Kuhlmann, Clara Maria (I75)
2023 Timeline
Unknown: Arrives in Virginia
By 1670: Settled in Sandwich, MA
In 1670 the authorities of Virginia demanded from the authorities of Plymouth, Mass. the extradition of James Percival, accused of having run away from Virginia with a boat. This boat must have been of some size, for Percival reached Cape Cod in her. It is manifest he could not have navigated her alone. Records do not mention any of Percival's companions in the voyage, but it is possible that John Isham was one of them. There were Ishams in Virginia other than Henry Isham of Henrico county, who left descendants in the female line. ......It may well be that John Isham was the son or grandson of some Virginia planter named Isham, and that he went with James Percival to Cape Cod in his runaway vessel. About 1670 times were very hard in Virginia and there were in addition political difficulties and antagonisms. These unfortunate conditions led some to escape from the colony and a few succeeded. It should be stated that James Percival was not compelled to return to Virginia, and was allowed to settle in Barnstable or Sandwich, where he married a prominent widow, Mrs. Mary Bassett, and was by two sons, the founder of the Percival family in New England.
1670-1 March 8: "James Pursevall, for his contempt of authoritie in nott departing the colonie according to order, and for his making an escape from one with whome hee was sent, in reference to his goeing to Verginnia to cleare himselfe of suspicion hauing a hand in runing away with a boate, &e, he was centanced to pay a fine of fiue pound." [Records of the colony of New Plymouth, in New England, Vol 5, p53, Archives.org]

1671: James married Mary (Rainsford) Bassett

1671 July 5: "Whereas fifteen shillings mony was taken away by the Gour from a servant of James Pursvall, of Sandwich, whoe run away, the Court orders eight shillings of the said mony to be payed to the Constable of Bridgewater, for his paynes in bringing him to Plymouth, and the remainder was returned by Mr Bourne to Pursvall." [Records of the colony of New Plymouth, in New England, p68, Archives.org]

1672 July 5: James Percival's household was in Sandwich based on the court records requiring John Williams to pay to "James Pursevall" for child support. [PCR 5:94]

Abt 1673: John born in Sandwich, MA

1675 Sep 10: Elizabeth born in Sandwich, MA

1677 June 5: "James Pursuall" appointed constable of Sandwich. [Records of the colony of New Plymouth, in New England, p231, Archives.org]

1678 Jan 18: James born in Sandwich, MA

1679: Land was assigned to him in 1679 in Succonessett (Falmouth) opposite Martha's Vinyard.

1681: He settled in the Ashumet section of Falmouth, MA (by the pond) by 1681.

1685: He was permitted to take land in the eastern part of Falmouth.

1687: He witnessed the Will of Thomas Dexter of Sandwich

1691/2 Jan 19: James signed his will

1691/2 Between Jan 19 and March 22: James died (Inventory taken March 22, 1691/2

Percival, James (I509)
2024 Title: #5
Author: John D. Austin
Publication: General Society of Mayflower Descendants
Abbrev: #5

Gives marriage date as June 1, 1627
Family F1085
2025 Title: Arthur Howland of Plymouth, Mass., 1640, His Wife Margaret (-------) Walker, and Their Children
Author: Wakefield, Robert S. F.A.S.G., and Robert M. Sherman, F.A.S.G.
Publication: NGSQ, v.71, no.2, Jun 1983 (Online archives, National Genealogical Society, (http://www.ngsgenealogy.org)
Page: 84-5
The record which appears responsible for the incorrect identification of Arthur's wife is an agreement, dated 6 June 1643, by John Walker, "sonn in law of Arthur Howland," to appear before the next General Court. But John's marriage to Lydia Reed did not take place until eleven years later. Clearly then, this marriage had no connection with his being a "son-in-law" of Arthur Howland and so there is no basis for the contention that Arthur's wife Margaret was the mother of John Walker's wife, Lydia Reed, and therefore a Widow Reed.
Then why was John Walker called Arthur Howland's son-in-law? John had not married one of Arthur's daughters, for Arthur's will plainly speaks of "my wifes grandchild Mary Walker." However the term son-in-law had a broader meaning in the severnteenth century than given it today, and then meant any son by law including a step-son. The fact that John Walker was a step-son of Arthur Howland is revealed in a deed dated 19 May 1663:
Arthur Howland Senir of the towne of Marshfeild ... in consideration of moneyes payed for my use in old England by my wife Margarett Howland to the sume of seaventeen pounds fourteen shillings and ten pence which said sume was given by the above said Margarett in the time of her widdowhood unto her son John Walker ... I the said Arther Howland ... graunt ... unto the said John Walker ... twenty acrees of upland ...
Walker, John (I6436)
2026 Title: Arthur Howland of Plymouth, Mass., 1640, His Wife Margaret (-------) Walker, and Their Children
Author: Wakefield, Robert S. F.A.S.G., and Robert M. Sherman, F.A.S.G.
Publication: NGSQ, v.71, no.2, Jun 1983 (Online archives, National Genealogical Society, (http://www.ngsgenealogy.org)
Page: 85
The will of "Margarett Howland of Marshfeild," relict and widow of Arther Howland late of Marshfield deceased, dated 19 January 1683 sworn 5 March 1683/4, mentions grandson John Walker; three grandchildren, sons of my son Arther: Ebenezer, Thomas, And Arther (not yet 21); residue to my son Arther Howland, he to pay legacies given by my late husband in his will to my children and grandchildren therein named [it is impossible to determine from this wording of her will just which Howland children are hers, excepting only Arthur]; and son Arthur to be executor. The inventory was appraised 25 January 1683.

REF: Deaths and Burials from the Early Records of Marshfield, Massachusetts
(Online datase, Ancestry.com0
p 249
Margaret widow of Arthur Howland Sen. buried Oct. 23, 1683

Her Inventory was appraised Jan 25, 1683 and her will was writen Jan 19, then the burial source of "Marshfield Vital Records" is accurate at Jan 22. 
?, Margaret (I1776)
2027 Title: Decendants of Arthur, Henry and John Howland 1885
Text: A Brief Genealogical and Biographical History of Arthur, Henry, and John Howland and their Descendants of the United States and Canada by
Franklyn Howland
New Bedford Massachusesettes 1885 
?, Margaret (I1782)
2028 Title: Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths Index, 1916-1947
Author: Ancestry.com
Publisher: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc.
Publisher Date: 2011
Publisher Location: Provo, UT, USA
Name: Mary Keese
Birth Date: 24 Oct 1847
Birth Place: New Mella, MO
Death Date: 7 Mar 1931
Death Place: East St Louis, St Clair, Ill
Burial Date: 10 Mar 1931
Burial Place: ...antrun Township, St. Clair, Ill.
Cemetery Name: Memorial County
Death Age: 83
Occupation: Housework
Race: White
Marital Status: W
Gender: Female
Street Address: 406a Missouri Avenue
Father Name: Frank Kemper
Father Birth Place: Germany
Mother Name: Kuhlman
Mother Birth Place: Germany
Spouse Name: August Keese, Sr.
Comments: resident 51 years

Kemper, Catherine Marie (I167)
2029 Title: Ohio, Huron County, Marriage Records
Page: Marriage Book 1855-1878
Note: From LDS IGI Extraction Record, record is for "Edward Springer & Lucinda Knapp" 
Family F1448
Author: The New England Historical and Genealogical Register
Publication: pub. By New England Historic-Genealogical Society for the year 1860. Volume XIV; reprinted: http://www.genealogylists.com/country/usCT/Middletown_VR_NEHGR.asp
Page: Volume 14, page 63 
Family F1771
2031 Title: Society of Genealogy of Durkee, Founded 1977, Incorporated 1984, "Durkee Family Newsletter" Robin K. Durkee, President; Bernice B. Gunderson, Editor & Family Researcher
Nathaniel Durkee was almost certainly the eldest son, although the date of his birth has not been found. He is mentioned first in his father's will although his bequest was smaller than his brother Andrew's. He was probably born in late 1701. Nathaniel married Mary Baker, on August 11, 1727 in Windham. Mary was most likely the daughter of Joseph Baker and Hannah (Cook), born July 5, 1702 in Norwich, Connecticut. John Baker and his wife Sarah (Davis) have also been mentioned as possible parents of Mary. The eldest children of Nathaniel and Mary were twin daughters, Hannah and Elizabeth, (likely named for their two grandmothers) born February 6, 1728/9. Hannah married Junia Ingraham and had 11 children. Elizabeth married a Gillett but the details of her family have not been found. The next child was Nathaniel, Jr. born December 10, 1730. He married Keziah Martin about 1750 and had 5 known children. This family went to New York and the details of their later life are not known. Jedidiah, the next son was baptized on June 22, 1735 and was probably born shortly before this date. He was living at the time of his father's death in 1760 and received all of Nathaniel's stock, farming implements and carpenter's tools. No record of a marriage or family for Jedidiah has been found. Timothy, the 3rd son was born May 1, 1737 and married Lucy A. Smalley on May 3, 1758. They were the parents of 11 children. They removed to Hanover, Grafton County, New Hampshire about 1770 and to Royalton, Vermont before 1780. Timothy served in the Revolution as a Lieutenant.
A third daughter, Mary was baptized on July 1, 1739. One daughter, Hannah Martin Warner, was born to them.
Catherine, was the 4th daughter of Nathaniel and Mary and was baptized March 7, 1741/2. She married Joseph Beeman on June 28, 1759 and had 10 children. The youngest child was Nathan who was baptized on January 31, 1748. He was a minor at the time of his father's death and was not mentioned in the will. However, a guardian was appointed for him on April 21, 1762.
Nathaniel and his family moved to Woodbury about 1737 and Nathaniel wrote his will there in February 1760. He stated that he had disposed of his real estate by deeds of gifts to his children, and the will concerned only his personal estate. Nathaniel likely died shortly after the will was written, but the exact date of his death, or his gravestone have not been found.
Nathaniel's wife Mary, married Samuel Martin, Sr. in 1768 and more research is necessary to locate the details on her later life and date of death.

Durkee, Capt Nathaniel (I2737)
2032 Town History
History of Ancient Woodbury, Connecticut
Contains good information on Ingrahams, Bakers, Durkees
Need to read this book

Ingraham, Benjamin (I1720)
2033 Town records
Ancestry.com. New England, The Great Migration and The Great Migration Begins, 1620-1635 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2013. Vol 3, p2064-7, image 753-6:
"FREEMAN:" Propounded as a freeman on 1 December 1640 and admitted 2 March 1640/1 [PCR 2:3, 8]. "Walter Woodward" in Scituate section of 1639 (added after his admission on 2 March 1640/1), 1658, 29 May 1670 and early 1683 lists of Plymouth Colony freemen [PCR 5:275, 8:175, 198, 204].
EDUCATION: Signed his will by mark. His inventory included his "purse & apparel & books" valued at 5 10s.
OFFICES: Scituate surveyor of highways, 4 June 1645, 2 June 1646, 3 June 1656 [PCR 2:84, 102, 3:100]. Arbiter, 4 June 1645, 3 June 1662/3, 9 June 1665 [PCR 2:85, 4:31, 100]. Coroner's Jury, 1 July 1680 [PCR 6:45].
Walter Woodworth was in the Scituate section of 1643 Plymouth list of men able to bear arms [PCR 8:191].
BIRTH: By about 1612 based on taxation in 1633.
DEATH: Scituate between 26 November 1685 (date of will) and 25 February 1685/6 (date of inventory).
MARRIAGE: By about 1641 __ __; she died after about 1664."

Woodworth, Walter (I1286)
2034 Town Records
Attleboro, Bristol, MA
Joseph Ingraham mentioned 1690-1715
Jeremiah Ingraham mentioned 1715
Benjamin Ingraham received bounties for killing wolves 1715.

Ingraham, Benjamin (I1720)
2035 Town Records
Source Information
Title: Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Author: Thomas Franklin Waters
Publisher: The Ipswich Historical Society
Publisher Date: 1905
Publisher Location: Ipswich, Massachusetts
2 Dec 1679, Deacon Knowlton and John Knowlton, Sen. listed as Selectmen (allowed to vote in Town affairs).
13 Feb 1678
List of names who have right of commonage: Deacon Knowlton

Knowlton, Deacon Thomas (I2637)
2036 Twin of Isaac Smalley

New England Historical & Genealogical Register Vol. 48, page 71.

Library of Cape Cod History & Genealogy # 34, page 529. Also #33. page 507 &

The Mayflower Planters Cape Cod Series vol.I, by Leon Clark Hill

Plymouth Colony Its History & People 1620-1691 by Eugene Aubrey Stratton
Pueblo public library 929.3744

She was the daughter of John Smalley and the twin of Isacke.

Stephen Hopkins MFIP' by John D Austin (1989) p13 -Mary was a twin.
Mayflower Families-Stephen Hopkins' by John D Austin (1992) p20 -"a twin"
Stephen Hopkins MFIP' by John D Austin (1989) p13
Mayflower Families-Stephen Hopkins' by John D Austin (1992) p20
Stephen Hopkins MFIP' by John D Austin (1989) p13
Mayflower Families-Stephen Hopkins' by John D Austin (1992) p20 -"d. after 7 Dec. 1699 (when mentioned in second husband's will), prob. Eastham ca. 1703" 
Smalley, Mary (I2752)
2037 Twin of Johan Jacob Hirzel. Hiertzel, Maria Margaretha (I3388)
2038 Twin of Maria Margretha Hirzel.
Hiertzel, Johan Jacob (I3387)
2039 Twin of Mary Smalley
Smalley, Isaac (I2666)
2040 Twin of Mearl Hinds, Murl (I3694)
2041 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hinds, Merle Yvonne (I3693)
2042 Twin of Nellie

REF: Daniel Lightfoot Descendants
Around the base of the large Hoblit Family Pedestal Monument are the original smaller gravestones of several family members. Among these is the small domed tablet gravestone for both Benjamin L. Hoblit and an infant daughter. The inscription for the infant daughter reads "Infant Daughter, Born Jan 28, 1867, Died Feb 8, 1867, Aged 11 days". 
Hoblit, Infant (I3453)
2043 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hoblit, Nellie (I3450)
2044 Twin sister to Carrie Wood
Moved by train from Alden, Iowa in April 1902 to Innisfail, Canada. Uncle Arthur Wood went along with them to help them homestead. - Mervel
Wood, Clara Caroline (I97)
2045 Twin to Adam Baxter McConnell
McConnell, Andrew (I2979)
2046 Twin to brother Christopher Orr, Thomas (I5116)
2047 Twin to brother Thomas Orr, Christopher (I5104)
2048 Twin to brother William Orr, Christopher (I5107)
2049 twin to Dakota James Vasa
Vasa, Living (I5542)
2050 twin to Lyndsky Jo Falcon Caron
Caron, Living (I5572)

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