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2001 U.S. Census
1880 Portage, St. Charles Co., MO
Lists "Bessie", age 14, living with father, James, and step mother, Charlotte Boellner.
Unable to find Elizabeth and Ferdinand in 1900 or 1910 census.
Mittelberger, Elizabeth Marie (I2370)
2002 U.S. Census
1870 Ellis, Hardin Co., IA

1880 Ellis, Hardin Co., IA
Percival, Emma Clarina (I3500)
2003 U.S. Census
1870 Jefferson, Greene Co., OH
Lists her name as Mary J. 
Ross, Julia Frances (I3242)
2004 U.S. Census
1870 North Shenango, Crawford Co., PA
Clarasy is listed as 44 years old

1880 District 108, Moberly, Randolph Co., Missouri
Lists a Carrie Percival, age 33, born in Ohio, widowed, with her daughter Emma M., age 13 born in Ohio
If this were Rufus' second wife, then she would be 54 based on 1870 census
Clarasy (I5862)
2005 U.S. Census
1880 District 11, Hillsborough, Vernon Co., WI
Thomas and Margaret McClure are listed, and she is 62, born in about 1818. Their daughter Caroline is living with them 
Franklin, Margaret (I3605)
2006 U.S. Census
1880 District 280, Scandia, Republic Co., KS
Lists Charles Laughlin, wife Hattie and son, Chas. A. Charles is 26, born in IL and his father born in KY and mother in IL which fits his parents
1910 Liberty, Clay Co., MO
Lists Charles Laughlin with new wife Lally and his son, Bradford, and grandson, Cecil, along with Ann Wood, his aunt 
Laughlin, Charles M. (I4733)
2007 U.S. Census
1900 Cooks, Fulton Co., Georgia
States that they had 9 children and only six were alive
Laughlin, Annie E. (I4734)
2008 U.S. Census
1790 East District, Berks Co., PA
Elias Ritz listed with one boy under 16 (Christian) and his wife (Barbara)

1800 Longswamp, Berks Co., PA
Elias, age 26-44, listed with 2 boys under 10 (John and Elias), one boy 16-15 (Christian), 1 girl under 10 (?), wife (Rosina) aged 26-44

1810 Windsor, Berks Co., PA
Elias, age 26-44, with 2 boys under 10, 1 boy 10-15, 2 boys 16-25, 2 girls under 10, 1 girl 10-15 and his wife aged 26-44

1820 Hereford, Berks Co., pA
Listed as "Ellis Rits", age 45+, with 1 boy 10-15, 1 boy 16-18, 2 boys 18-25, 4 girls under 10, wife aged 26-44
Elias is listed as in both Agriculture and Manufacture. Check the manufacture census

1830 Upper Saucon, Lehigh Co., PA
Elias, age 60-70, Rosina, age 50-60, Boy 0-5, Boy 20-30, Girl 10-15, Girl 15-20, Girl 20-30
Elias' son John, wife Sophia, and their son Elias living with them

Ritz, Elias (I6070)
2009 U.S. Census
1880 District 280, Scandia, Republic Co., KS
Checked for Agnes, not there. Her sister Elizabeth and A.D. Laughlin live there as well as their son Charles
1885 Scandia, Republic, KS lists both Agnes Ann and S F Wood
1900 Cooks, Fulton, Georgia
Agnes is living with her older sister, Elizabeth
1910 Liberty, Clay Co., Missouri
Ann is living with Charles Laughlin, her nephew
1920 Liberty, Clay Co., MO
not listed with Charles Laughlin's family

Republic County Journal, 5 Dec 1890: Rev A. D. Laughlin, daughter and Mrs. Wood started for their future southern home at Atlanta Ga. Wednesday. The kind words of father Laughlin will be missed in Scandia. 
Franklin, Agnes Anne (I716)
2010 Unable to find Elizabeth and Ferdinand in 1900 or 1910 census. Kluesner, Ferdinand Henry (I3622)
2011 Unknown how, where, and when Sylvanus died.

REF: For Woodworth genealogy info on Walter Woodworth see

REF: Florence LaVernia Wood's notes on Percival Line
Cousin of Diodate Woodworth

REF: Census Data
1820 Sylvanus Woodworth listed with 7 other Woodworths on the same page: Horatio, Albisence, Diodate, John, Amasa, Ebenezer, and Samuel
1836 Wisconsin State Census Index lists a Samuel Woodworth in Iowa Co., Wisc. #WIS3a2060451
1840 Federal Population Census lists a Samuel Woodworth in Iowa Co., Wisc. page 061 #WIS4a2871569
1850 Federal Population Census lists a Israel Woodworth in Pulaski Twp, Iowa Co., Wisc. page 424 #WIS7a5915599

Per Electa's obituary, Sylvanus and his family moved to DeWitt, Clinton, Iowa in the spring of 1845 and then moved to Fayette, LaFayette, Wisconsin in 1846. Is it possible that they lived with Rufus Percival, Caroline's brother, during that year? Rufus sold some land on Oct 25, 1845 in Clinton Co., Iowa.

Woodworth, Sylvanus (I488)
2012 Unmarried Percival, Margaret (I5264)
2013 US Census
1850 Wayne, Ashtabula Co., OH
Lists her age as 28, which means she was born in 1822) and born in Vermont.
How was she born in VT when Warren was listed in the 1820 census for Wayne Twp?
Percival, Elisa (I1087)
2014 Vermont. Orange . Strafford. "Strafford Vermont Town and vital records, 1779 - 1905".

FHL 28899 Items 2 - 5 
Source (S145)
2015 Wakefield, Robert S., Robert M. Sherman. "Arthur Howland of Plymouth, Mass., 1640 His Wife margaret (----) Walker, and Their Children". NGSQ. 71 (No. 2, June 1983). Online archives. National Genealogical Society. http://www.ngsgenealogy.org : 2013. Source (S216)
2016 Wakerfield, Robert S.. "Plymouth Colony Casualties in King Philip's War". The American Genealogist. 60 (October 1984). Online archives. American Ancestors New England Historic Genealogical Society. http://www.americanancestors.org : 2013. Source (S225)
2017 Walter went to live with Tillie Kemper Joergenson and her family when his parents died.
Walter worked for Dad (Leonard Wood) in road work, then moved back onto farm in Foristell, Missouri and helped Henry farm. - Mervel
Fuermann, Walter (I170)
2018 Was a "barnstormer" stuntman, hung by his teeth and walked wings. The Hunter brothers from Sparta became barnstormers in the 1920's. Fred was associated with them for awhile doing county fairs.

Was a good artist

Had collected several World War I artifacts (German helmut) that he showed to us kids when we visited. - Doug 
Mines, Fred (I1361)
2019 Was a pilot and still living as of 5/90 - Mervel
Rouge, John (I195)
2020 Was a teacher
Fuermann, Living (I175)
2021 Was an elder in the Congregational Church in Williamsfield, OH

Not likely that Ezra was born in Dorchester, Grafton, NH since I have not found evidence that Ebenezer, his father, moved to NH.
Woodworth, Ezra (I1240)
2022 Was an Engineer on the "Old Ship" railroad engine running into Alden, Iowa. This is where he met Mary. He was 3 years old when he went through the Chicago fire. - Mervel's geneology book
Johnston, William Vincent (I359)
2023 Was Elizabeth Sweet Benjamin's 3rd wife? Sweet, Elizabeth (I1721)
2024 Was Franz married previously? A Franz Heinrich Kemper and wife Wilhelmine and 6 month old Gerhard Frederick Kemper were listed on the ship list for Alexander which arrived in New Orleans 14 Jan 1839.

Kemper, Franz Henry (I165)
2025 Was there another daughter named Freida?
Was there another daughter named Maria Elizabeth who married John Hausam (Peter's younger brother)?

The Westenkulhier Cemetery is now known as the Methodist Cemetery.

Look for Otto Boellner who had a jewelry store in St. Louis, MO. Merle says he is Maria's brother

REF: LDS IGI file lists his name as William Frederick Boellner married to Marie Elizabeth Mayer

REF: Naturalization Records at the St. Charles County Historical Society
Last Name First Name Folder Intention Approval
BOELLNER William B129 b. Hanover 16 May 1854 LP Page 59

REF: Probate Index
Name Folder File
BOLLNER William 305 14

U.S. Census
1850 Beardstown, Cass Co., IL
Lists William as "Belner" and his children but not his wife, Marie

Illinois Census
1855 Cass Co.
Lists William Belner aged 60 to 70, and one girl aged 10 to 20 and another female aged 50 to 60
Did his wife join him between 1850 and 1855? Or did he remarry?
Boellner, William Frederick (I2378)
2026 West Williamsfield Cemetery
PERCIVAL, Thomas Born: 1805 Died: 27 January 1839 Aged: 34y
Percival, Thomas (I1088)
2027 Widow of Thomas Sears
REF: "Genealogical Register of Plymouth Families" by William T. Davis, pg 294
Sherman, Betsey Sears (I871)
2028 Will
"Dutton, Joseph, East Haddam. Invt. L157-11-00.
Taken 4 February, 1733-4, by John Spencer, John Church and Jabez Chapman. Will dated 1st September, 1733."

"I, Joseph Dutton of Haddam East Society, do make this my last will and testament: I give to my wife Mary Dutton 1-3 part of all my household goods, and 1 good, gentle and easy beast, horse or mare, to be provided out of my moveable estate, with convenient furniture for her to ride upon, and 1 good cow and six sheep, all which she shall have power to dispose of as she shall judge most for her comfort. And my will is that my son Samuel Dutton shall provide sufficient fodder and pasturing for sd. creatures during her widowhood. Also, I give to her 1-4 part of all the grain that my sd. son shall raise from the farm on which I now dwell, yearly, excepting he and she shall otherwise agree. Also, it is my will that my sd. son shall provide for her a sufficiency of convenient firewood during her widowhood, and 1 barrel of syder, and what apples she shall have occasion for, yearly, if the orchard will afford it; also, the choice of any 1 room in my now dwelling house during her natural life. I give to my 3 sons, Benjamin, David and Thomas Dutton, all my creatures that shall not be otherwise disposed of before my decease or by this my last will, that is to say, 1-2 to Benjamin, and ye other half to be divided between David and Thomas equally, which they shall have besides what they have already received. I give to my son Samuel Dutton, besides what he hath already received in deed of gift bearing date with these presents, some cattle that I formerly set out to him. All my carpenter and husbandry tools I give to my son-in-law, Matthew Smith, to be delivered to him out of moveable estate. I give to my daughter, Rebeckah Gates, besides what she hath already received, a table and a brass pan, and the best of the coverlids, and a featherbed, after my own and my wife's decease. I give to my daughter Ruth Millard and to my grandson William Selby, besides what my sd. daughter Ruth and sd. grandson's mother hath formerly received, all the remainder of my household goods not before disposed of, and that which they have received shall be reckoned with what remains, and shall be equally divided between them. I appoint my wife and son, Samuel Dutton, executors. [signed] Joseph X Dutton, LS. Witness: Mary Smith, Jabez Chapman, Daniel Booge" "Court Record, Page 105---5 March, 1733-4: Will exhibited by Samuel Dutton, executor named in sd. will. Proven."

"Page 56 (Vol. XII) 15 June, 1741: Know all men by these presents: That we whose names are underwritten do acknowledge that we have received in full of Samuel Dutton, executor of our honoured father's (Joseph Dutton's) will, all that is given in sd. will to us the subscribers. 10th April, 1734. [signed] Matthew Smith, David Dutton, Benjamin Dutton, Thomas Dutton. Witness: Thomas Millard, William Selby.

Know all men by these presents: That we who are the under-subscribers acknowledge that we have received in full of Samuel Dutton all that is given in the of our honoured father to us the subscribers. 7th day of May, 1734. [signed] Thomas Millard, Ruth X Millard. Witness: David Dutton, William Selby."
"October the 30th, 1738: Know all men, that I, William Selby of East Haddam, acknowledge that I have received of Samuel Dutton all that was given me by the will of Mr. Joseph Dutton. [signed] William Selby. Witness: David Dutton, Thomas Millard.

May 28th, 1744: Then we, Daniel Gates and Rebeckah Gates, have received of Samuel Dutton all that was given us by our honoured father in his will. [signed] Daniel Gates, Rebeckah X Gates. Witness: Nathan Fisher, Judah Gates.

The above is a true copy of the original, and recorded by me. [signed]
Jos: Talcott, Clerk." (Manwaring, Charles William, "A Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records, Vol. III, Hartford District, 1729-1750", pp 44-45, Genealogical Publishing Co.)

Dutton, Joseph (I5878)
2029 Will
Probate records 1648-1924 (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Familysearch.org [database on-line]
Probate records (originals) v. 1-3 1654-1673
Film #521761
Vol. 1, pp11-13
Images 13-14
"Dated the 6th of the 11th mo 1653:
I, William Green, of Wooburn, in the County of Middlesex, being sick of Boddy, yet in good & perfect memory, make this my last Will. To my Eldest son John, my house & all my land in the Town of Wooburn, prvided that what ever it shall amount vnto his duble portion of two thirds of my whole Estate, he shall pay backe the same, vnto the Residue of my Children, to whom I will & Bequeathe the Remainder of the said two thirds of my Estate, Eaqualy to be devided among them, as well sons as Daughters.
To my wife Hannah, one third of all my moveable goods, And further I giue her, during her life, the third of my howse & Land, & after her death to be disposed to my Eldest Son, as is aboue Expressed, besides The Ten pounds giuen him by his grandfather, which I have Reseaved. I make my wife, Executrix of this my last will, & to dispose the severall portions to my Children at there severall ages of 21 yeares, or at the day of mariage, to my daughters if by Gods providence it happen first, provided when my wife shall cease to Continue vnmarried, then it shall be in the power of the overseers of this my will to disspose of my Children & there portions according to there discressionl & I desier my Brother John Carter, & Capt. Edward Johnson, to bee overseers of this my Last Will & Testament.
William Green
John Mousall
Edw. Johnson, John Carter"

Green, William (I2615)
2030 Will April 28, 1806
Hampshire County, MA: Probate File Papers, 1660-1889. Online database. AmericanAncestors.org. New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2016, 2017. (From records supplied by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives and the Hampshire County Court. Digitized mages provided by FamilySearch.org)
"...Item I give and bequeath unto my dearly beloved wife Sophia Knowlton First A mourning suit...
Item I give and bequeath unto my four daughters (viz) Aseneth, Alice, Dorothy, and Anna ten shilling. To each of them severaly to be paid out of my estate.
Item I give and bequeath unto Rosel Knowlton my son the one third part of all my landed interest to his own use and benefit forever.
Item I give and bequeath unto Warren Knowlton my son one quarter part of all my landed interest to his own use and benefit forever.
Item I give and bequeath unto the(?) other two of my sons Elisha and Dutton all the rest of my landed property to be equally divided between them and if one or both of them should be desireous to any (?) they are to the liberty.
Item I give and bequeath unto my two daughters Nancy and Susannah all my moveable estate to be equally divided between them.
In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this 28th day of April 1806. Signed sealed witnessed and delivered in presents of us Nathaniel Dwight, Justus Dwight, Junr., Jeremiah Dutton
Rosel Knowlton"

Knowlton, Roswell (I2403)
2031 Will of Wiedergrundle, George Henry, Rockland, Berks, PA
February 2, 1786 - May 10, 1786.
Passes all his estate to his wife, Maria Catharina, and upon her decease, to their daughter, Margaret, who is married to Peter Ritz. Upon their daughter's decease, then the land goes to her children.
"Pennsylvania Probate Records, 1683-1994." Images. FamilySearch. http://FamilySearch.org : 14 June 2016. Berks County, Pennsylvania. Accessed 17 Dec 2016.
Ritz, John Peter (I6074)
2032 Will of William Mullins

2:April 1621
In the name of God Amen : I comit my soule to God that gave it and my bodie to the earth from whence it came. Alsoe I give my goodes as followeth That fforty poundes in the hand of goodman Woodes I give my wife tenn poundes, my sonne Joseph tenn poundes, my daughter Priscilla tenn poundes, and my eldest sonne tenn poundes Also I give to my eldest sonne all my debtes, bonds, bills (onelye yt forty poundes excepted in the handes of goodman Wood) given as aforsaid wth all the stock in his owne handes. To my eldest daughter I give ten shillings to be paied out of my sonnes stock Furthermore that goodes I have in Virginia as followeth To my wife Alice halfe my goodes & to Joseph and Priscilla the other halfe equallie to be devided betweene them. Alsoe I have xxj dozen of shoes, and thirteene paire of bootes wch I give into the Companies handes for forty poundes at seaven years and if thy like them at that rate. If it be thought to deare as my Overseers shall thinck good And if they like them at that rate at the divident I shall have nyne shares whereof I give as followeth twoe to my wife, twoe to my sonne William, twoe to my sonne Joseph, twoe to my daugher Priscilla, and one to the Companie. Allsoe if my sonne William will come to Virginia I give him my share of land furdermore I give to my twoe Overseers Mr John Carver and Mr Williamson, twentye shillinges apeece to see this my will performed desiringe them that he would have an eye over my wife and children to be as fathers and freindes to them ; Allsoe to have a speciall eye to my man Robert wch hathe not so approved himselfe as I would he should have done.

This is a Coppye of Mr Mullens his Will of all particulars he hathe given. In witnes whereof I have sett my hande John Carver, Giles Heale, Christopher Joanes.

Vicesimo tertio : die mensis Julii Anno Domini Millesimo sexcentesimo vicesimo primo Emanavit Commissio Sare Blunden als Mullins filie naturali et legitime dicti defuncti ad administrand bona iura et credita eiusdem defuncti iuxta tenorem et effectum testamenti suprascripti eo quod nullum in eodem testamento nominavit executorem de bene ect Jurat. 68, Dale.

[TRANSLATION OF THE LATIN]: In the month of July Anno Domini 1621. On the 23d day issued a commission to Sarah Blunden, formerly Mullins, nartural and legitimate daughter of William Mullins, late of Dorking in the County of Surrey, but deceased in parts beyond the seas, seized &c., for administering the goods, rights and credits of the said deceased, according to the tenor and effect of the will of the said deceased because in that will he named no executor. In due form &c. swears.
Mullins, William (I305)
2033 William came on the Ship Fortune; resided at Duxbury and Bridgewater, Mass.; was a gunsmith and metal worker. The Bassett family in Sandwich, England is Huguenot per Barber's "British Family Names"{-"The Trail of the Huguenots...," G. Elmore Reaman (Toronto: Thomas Allen Ltd., 1963, p.263)} William is of the Sandwich, England and Bethnal Green, Middlesex line.{-"Saints and Strangers", G.F.Williston, and "The Pilgrim Reader".} The surname appears in 1066--Thurstine de Bassett was Grand Falconer to the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings. The name is thereafter notable in England - in the Domesday Book as well as the Battle Abbey Roll. Thurstine built Beaupre Castle near Cambridge in Glamorgan, Wales, soon after the Conquest, and his son Ralph was Lord Chief Justice of England under King Henry I. Another Bassett castle is at Tehidy Park in Camborne, Cornwall; this line had large incomes from mining. Two Bassetts were among the King's counsellors at the signing of the Magna Charta. The Leyden, Holland record indicates that "Pioneer" William Bassett came from Sandwich, England, a master mason, widower of Cecelia Light. William was Representative, 1640-44; with Gov. Bradford and others he joined in the purchase of Dartmouth and moved to Bridgewater, Mass. in 1652. Arriving in 1621, he was one of the "purchasers", first in Plymouth with his wife, Elizabeth, and son, William, and daughter, Elizabeth, and took part in the division of cattle in 1627; then resided at Duxbury; then was among the first settlers and a proprietor of Bridgewater. "Pioneer" William Bassett was baptised at Stepney, 24 Oct 1600, per Charles Edward Banks, "The English Ancestry and Homes of the Pilgrim Fathers" (Balt.:Gen.Pub.Co., 1971), p.106, who also states that he arrived in America never married and married there before the land division of 1623! "The Mayflower Planters" (Balt.: Gen.Pub.Co.) lists William who arrived on the Fortune in 1621 as married to Margaret Oldham and settled in Duxbury, an "iron monger from Bethnal, Co. Middlesex," whose father is John Bassett. Also see the "Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families." (Note: Mary and Elizabeth are often the same name - Mary Oldham may be Elizabeth Bassett.) Cf. "Plymouth Colony," Eugene Stratton, pp. 242-3; "One Bassett Family in America," Buell Burdett Bassette (New Britain, Conn.: 1926), pp. 1-10. Bassett, "Pioneer" William (I2283)
2034 William J. died from the influenza pandemic of 1918.

REF: WAR CASUALTY REPORTS and DEATH NOTICES taken from the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH Between January 1918 and December 1919.
STAHLHUTH, (USN) WILLIAM JOHN [influenza] #9/23/18 p3

REF: U.S. Naval Deaths - World War I on Ancestry.com
Stahlhuth, William John Place of Death: Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, Ill Cause of Death: influenza Next of Kin: Emma M. Stahlhuth Relationship: mother Address: 7421 Hazel Ave., Maplewood, Missouri Appointed: St. Louis, MO Rank: hosp. apprentice, second class Branch: U.S. Navy

REF: California State Library; Sacramento; Officers and Enlisted Men of the United States Navy Who Lost Their Lives During the World War., U.S., Adjutant General Military Records, 1631-1976 [database on-line], Ancestry.com, p 696
Stahlhuth, William John, hospital apprentice, second class, United States Navy.
Enlisted: St. Louis, Mo., May 18, 1918.
Died: Naval hospital, Great Lakes, Ill., September 21, 1918.
Cause: Influenza.
Next of kin: Mother, Emma M. Stahlhuth, 7421 Hazel Avenue, Maplewood, Mo. 
Stahluhth, William John (I219)
2035 William was a knight and of Tew. Alternate spelling of surname is Sharsall. Sharshall, Sir William (I2280)
2036 Wiota Cemetery (Franklin Twp, Cass Co., Iowa); GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 41.39330, Longitude: -94.91810. Grave markers.

On Hampton Rd near 655th street 
Source (S230)
2037 Witnesses were John Clark & William Greaves. Family F1752
2038 Witnesses were Richard Stephenson & Mark Clark Family F1753
2039 Witnesses were William STEPHENSON & Robert ETHERINGTON Family F1723
2040 Witnesses: Daniel Speight and Ann Wilson. Family F1724
2041 Witnesses: Jonathan Stephenson and Robert Etherington. Family F623
2042 Wood, Grandison, Births, Marriages, Deaths, 1839 - 1950. New York, 1835. Privately held by Douglas E. Wood, Benton Harbor, MI 49022. 2008.

Bible found in Samuel Francis Wood's chicken shed on a shelf by Muriel Elaine Wood 
Source (S187)
2043 Wright, F. Edward, 18th Century Records of the Germantown Reformed Church of Pennsylvania, (Lewes, Delaware: Colonial Roots, 1994), 14.
John Peter, son of Christian Ritz and Juliana, b. May 22, 1759, bapt. June 3, 1759. Spon: John Peter Paris and wife Magdalene 
Ritz, John Peter (I6074)
2044 WWII: Ed enlisted 23 Feb 1943, shipped off to England 20 Jul 1944, returned on 19 Jun 1945, and discharged on 30 Oct 1945. He was a B-24 pilot during the war. He was in the Army Air Corps, West Coast Training Command, 2nd Air Force, 8th Air Force, 466th Bombardment Group, assigned to the 96th Combat Bombardment Wing, based in Attlebridge, England. Not sure which of the four squadrons he was in (784th, 785th, 786th, or 787th).

Gilory, CA Dispatch obituary:
Edward Ritts died Sunday, Aug. 29, 2004. He was 80.
Born in Iowa on Aug. 17, 1924, to Charles and Juanita Ritts, he served as a B-24 pilot for the Army Air Corp during World War II.
After the war, Mr. Ritts returned home and married Marilyn, his high school sweetheart, in 1945.
He graduated from Iowa State University in 1948 with an Engineering degree.
His professional career included work as an automotive engineer for the Cities Service and Tidewater Oil Companies, as a small business owner, and finally, as a Real Estate Broker as he approached his retirement years.
Married for almost 50 years, Mr. and Mrs. Ritts enjoyed traveling, particularly their yearly trips to Lake Tahoe and Kona, and the company of their many friends.
Mr. Ritts cherished the friendship and camaraderie provided by the Morgan Hill Airmen's Association, the Gilroy Elks Club, and the Local Sirs Club.
He looked forward over the years to his fishing trips in Canada and Alaska and his hunting trips in Wyoming. His gentle nature, caring soul, and self-effacing humor will be greatly missed by all.
He is survived by his son, Craig; daughter-in-law Terry; beloved grandsons, Casey and Matt; new granddaughter-in-law Maricor; brother, Bill; and many beautiful extended family members.
He was preceded in death by his beloved wife, Marilyn.
Family and friends are invited to attend a memorial service at 1pm Saturday, Sept. 11, 2004, at Johnson Funeral Home, 17720 Monterey Road, Morgan Hill.
A reception at the Lions Club Community Hall, 12415 Murphy Avenue, San Martin will follow.
His ashes will be scattered off the Kona coast as his wife's were nine years ago.
In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations to the Gilroy Elks Club #1567, P.O. Box 488, Gilroy, CA 95021.
Ritts, Edward Martin (I32)
2045 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Wood, Keith Samuel (I77)
2046 Yellow Fever Epidemic
Yellow fever was periodically rampant in Philadelphia from 1793 - 1799. It's possible that Henry Weiss died of this disease in late 1798 or early 1799 while he was a schoolmaster in Philadelphia.

Weiss, Henry (I6091)
2047 Zundel, William Arter. History of Old Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.. 1922. eGoogle book. Goolge. http://www.books.google.com. Source (S242)
2048 [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #2010, Date of Import: Jul 2, 2000]
Knowlton Genealogy by C.H.W. Stocking 1897
Errata & Addenda by G.H. Knowlton 1903:
Captain William Knowlton sailed from London, England to Nova Scotia in 1632-4 w/ wife & children. He was at least part owner in the boat. He died on the voyage. His wife & children continued to Nova Scotia. They remained in Nova Scotia for a short time. They then proceeded to Ma., probally Hingham, the following year, where his widow is said to have remarried. John removed to Ipswich in 1639 & William & Thomas in 1642. John, Benjamin, Abraham, & William served in King Phillip's War.
This "story" by Stocking has been disproven by several people.

Knowlton, Robert (I2630)

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