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2051 Samuel was appointed the first postmeaster of Twenty Mile Stand, Warren Co., OH in 1824. He, his wife, and several of their children are buried in Union Cem. Symmes Twp., Hamilton Co., OH. Four of his children, age 5 and under, died withn a two week period in 1833. This was probably caused by cholera or some other epidemic. After th death of his son, John G. in 1849, and his daughter-in-law, Nancy Drew Clendenin in 1856, Samuel was named guardian of their minor children. Clendenin, Samuel (I3138)
2052 Sarah died after June 7, 1900 since she is listed in the 1900 census of that date and after the birth of their son, John, in 1901, and before the second marriage of William to Bertha on 2 March 1905.

McClarren, Sarah Elizabeth (I6613)
2054 Scandia Journal, Fri 19 Jul 1907:
(excerpt of article written in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the local Presbyterian church)
Courtesy of Tim Hall

The first official action looking toward the organization of a Presbyterian church in Scandia; was taken by the Presbytery of Solomon, which at its meeting in Concordia, April 26th, 27th and 28th 1877, appointed a committee consisting of Rev. A. D. Laughlin, Rev. H. Albright, and Elder S. Doctor, to visit Scandia and organize a church. On June 10th 1877 this committee organized the church with the following membership: James Kelly, Mary Kelly, Joseph T Cooper, Nancy J. Cooper, Mrs. Louisa Whitney, Mrs. Elizabeth F. Laughlin, Eleen [sic-Ellen] F. Laughlin and Mr. Chas. M. Laughlin. Rev. A. D. Laughlin was the first pastor, and continued in that capacity until about 1883; when by reason of advancing age and failing heath he was obliged to resign. Those of us who were living here during the years of his pastorate can testify to his faithful and self-sacrificing labor for the church, and the great interest he took in it. It was mainly due to his effort that the church building was erected in 1879 and dedicated January 25rh, 1880. He was a kind and sympathetic friend, a good neighbor and citizen, and was highly respected and esteemed by the entire community. He lived here for some years after he resigned his pastorate, after ward removing to Atlanta, Georgia, where he died. Of the original members of the church all are still living except Mr. Kelly, the first elder, and Mrs. Laughlin; and three of them Mr. and Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Whitney are living here ,and members of the church. Church services were first held in the old school house, which stood near the present residence of Mr. J. D. Fuller. The church, when first built, was located on the point of the hill, very near where Mr. A. L. Whitney now lives - perhaps a little farther north.
The following persons have at different times served on the Board of Trustees: A. D. Laughlin, A. D. Wilson, J.R. Caldwell, G. F. Sanford, H. H. Luney. C. G. Bulkley, David McFarland, A. P. Happer, Seth Green, J.H. Cullers, Harvey Wrigley. The following is a list of those who have died, who at some time been members of this church. Not all were members at the time of their death. I have only included in this list those whom I know have passed away. There are others who have moved to other places and
who may or may not be living at the present time. James Kelly, Mrs. Elizabeth Laughlin, Mrs. Dunfee, Joseph McGowan and wife, James Taylor, Mrs. C. A. Taylor, Mrs. James Doctor, Mrs. Jane McFarland, Chas. McGlashan, Samuel F. Wood, Mrs. Mary Andrews, Chas. C. Canfield, Weltha Kidder, Jacob Rice, Mrs. Eliza Ramsey, Ebenezer J. Backer, Millie Ericsson, Anna Soderberg, Ben Thompson, William Bell. The house of worship, built in 1879 and removed in 1888 to this location, was used by the church without material alternations or improvements, until one year ago, when it was remodeled, enlarged and made into this comfortable and pleasant house.
Wood, Samuel Francis (I104)
2055 Schuylkill Blue Book says Christina was the granddaughter of Heinrich Boyer and Elizabeth Marie Zerbe (Martin 1)
Boyer, Christina (I5746)
2056 Schwarzwald Reformed Church Records, Exeter Township, Berks County, Berks County Historical Society, Henry Janssen Library, CR-S399a, p 172:
Ritz, Georg son of George b. 4/8/1805 d. 5/3/1805
Ritz, George (I2126)
2057 see: Char's Family History Project on Rootsweb
for Isabel Luce (Luse) ancestry
Gives her birth as Abt 1731 in Southold,Suffolk, New York (this is later than others give her birth)

Source: "The American Descendants of Henry Luce of Martha's Vineyard 1640-1985" by Martha McCourt and Thomas Luce via Sharon Miller AREHART.First name may be "Isabel".
Sources: David's will in New Jersey Archives, Abstract of Wills, Vol.
Sources: David's will in New Jersey Archives, Abstract of Wills, Vol. 5 1771-1780 (etc.)
Source:Pioneers of Riverhead Town by Virginia Wines.
Source:Luce on Long Island by Jacques & Kappenberg, 1979. 
Luse, Isabel (I3150)
2058 She died and was buried with a stillborn child.

REF: Pam Robinson-Peckham
Immigrated aboard the "Planter" to Massachusetts with her widowed mother in 1634 at the age of 15.
She died 7 days after the birth and death of her daughter.

REF: Ancestry of Karen MOSLEY
Lists birth as 1614 in Fremington, Devon, England 
Hanford, Margaret (I2288)
2059 She joined the Charlestown Church 2 September 1639. She married 1st by 1642/3 to William Greene and 2nd 1654-8 to Thomas Brown of Charlestown who was born abt. 1628.

REF: dodge gedcom j whittaker
Lists death as:
20 SEP 1657 in Norwich,New London,CT

Some list her birth as: March 20, 1595/96 
Carter, Hannah (I2616)
2060 She married before 24 October 1639 to John Brinsmeade.

Removed to Stratford, Conn 
Carter, Mary (I2895)
2061 She married Timothy Tomlins. She and her husband came with her brothers to America but returned to London by 1645. Spencer, Elizabeth (I2533)
2062 She might have been Anne Gerrard, the daughter of Michael Gerrard.
Her will was proved 21 April 1561 Edworth, co. Bedford, England.

Title: The Four Spencer Brothers Their Ancestors and Descendants
Author: Jacobus, Donald Lines
Date: 1951
Text: p. 80

REF: http://worldconnect.genealogy.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=bmills&id=I12850
Birth: ABT 1509 in Of,Edworth,Bedfordshire,England
Death: 10 JUN 1560 in ,Edworth,Bedfordshire,England
Burial: 16 JUN 1560 ,Edworth,Bedfordshire,England

REF: Deming families of Conn Sharon Deming

The recorder in entering the burial of Ann Spencer, widow, paid her respect by the following tribute: "the good hospitaligy keepr; and she did give to the township of Edworth ii (2) of her best bease (beasts) to be lett to ii (2) pore folks in the towne for iiis. a cow and the parson and church warden to have the letting of them and the distributing of the money to the poore andt to se the stock maintained etch of them to have iiiid of the vis. for ther paynes to se this truly doen according to her last will."
Her will, dated 13 June 1560, proved 21 Apr. 1561, calls her Widow, in Edworth, Beds., and names her son Gerard (aged 17); son Michael, to have the chest that was his brother John's; John Spencer, son Michael's child, to have the 20 pounds; Elisabeth Lymer, to have 4 pounds at marriage; Alice Aystin, to have a calf; servants; for the mending of "London Brygge ways," 10s.; borther Edward's children, to have the 1pound that he borrowed of her; Nicholas Merryll and John Merryll his brother, to have the barley their father gave her sons; and the poor of Edworth, to have the gift alfready mentioned. Michael Spencer was a witness.
From this will we gain the impression that our Spencer family at that period was of the yeoman class, and somewhat better off than the average village family of the time and place. Whether they were in origin a younger branch of an older gentry family, or a more humble clan which by industry and good fortune had improved its lot, we are not in a postion to affirm. It would be necessary to prove the parentage and more remote ancestry of John Spencer, Sr., by documentary evidence, before claiming any specific connection with any other Spencer family in England. From the terms of the will, it would seem that Anne's brother was Edward Merryll or Merrill, and that this was her maiden name. A search of Merrill wills might confirm this conjecture. Gen. of the Four Spencer Brothers. p. V. 
Merrill, Anne (I2553)
2063 She was daughter and co-heir of Henry Lincoln. Lincoln, Isabelle (I2571)
2064 She was married to Richard White and had Edward White, William White,
Robert White, William White, Emet White, Grace White, Henry White. See
Roylance, Ward Jay, "Remingtons of Utah with their Ancestors and Descendants"
(privately published - 120 copies, 1960), page 166. 
Kirton, Ellen (I2266)
2065 She was remembered in the will of Miles Standish dated March 7, 1655. "Further my Will is that Marcey Robinson whom I tenderly love for her grandfather's sake, shall have three pounds in something to goe forward for her two years after my decease, which my Will is my overseers shall see pformed." Robinson, Mercy (I2297)
2066 Sheriff of Coventry 1561
Hopkins, Nicholas (I2697)
2067 Shockey, Find A Grave. Find A Grave. Digital images. www.findagrave.com : 2005. Source (S190)
2068 Shurtleff, Nathaniel B., M.D.. Records of the Colony of New Plymouth in New England: Miscellaneous Records 1633-1689 (Online database, Ancestry.com). Boston: Press of William White, 1857. Source (S222)
2069 Sister is Mildred Braden (10 S. Greenwood 2 W, Park Ridge, Illinois) Braden, Doris (I34)
2070 Sister of Frieda. Benjamin married Florence after Frieda died.
?, Florence (I229)
2071 Some give his first name as Phillip Henry Hoffman, Henry (I3532)
2072 Some have her name as Mary Lee Skellinger
?, Mary Lee (I3023)
2073 some list her as Elizabeth Lynde
?, Elizabeth (I2663)
2074 Some list her parents as:
Johann Philip Dresher and Maria Charlotta Spiegle 
Dresher, Anna Maria (I6078)
2075 Some list Thomas' wife's name as Rebecca Wallis
?, ? (I2430)
2076 Some on Ancestry.com have Peleg as Ezekiel's son born 20 NOV 1732 in Lebanon, CT.

Some on Rootsweb have several children:
Lydia, Benjamin, Peleb, Mary 
Woodworth, Ezekiel (I1257)
2077 Some on Ancestry.com have Peleg as the son of Ezekiel (Benjamin, Walter). Have not been able to find any record of Peleg's birth in Lebanon, CT. Woodworth, Peleg (I5378)
2078 Some on Ancestry.com show Anna as the daughter of Peleg Woodworth.

?, Anna (I1091)
2079 Some on Rootsweb have Ezekiel marrying first Pricilla Alger, second Amarillus Lyon and had 5 children (including Asa b. 1 APR 1795 in Harpersfield, Ashtabula County, Ohio).

Woodworth, Ezekiel (I6567)
2080 Some state Carrie died 19 Jan 1960 in Alden, Hardin, Iowa Wood, Carrie Lucile (I86)
2081 Source Citation:
London Metropolitan Archives, St Gregory by St Paul, Composite register: baptisms 1559 - 1627, marriages 1559 - 1626/7, burials 1559 - 1627, P69/GRE/A/001/MS10231

Source Information:
Ancestry.com. London, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2010.
Original data: Church of England Parish Registers, 1538-1812. London, England: London Metropolitan Archives. 
Family F297
2082 Source Information:
Ancestry.com. American Marriages Before 1699 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 1997.
Original data: Clemens, William Montgomery. American Marriage Records Before 1699. Pompton Lakes, NJ, USA: Biblio Co., 1926. 
Family F1975
2083 Source Medium: Ancestry.com
Source (S37)
2084 Source Medium: Book

3 vol: A-F G-O P-W
Source (S132)
2085 Source Medium: Book

Digitized Feb 8, 2008 by Google
Source (S130)
2086 Source Medium: Book

Marian Wolfert
Source (S57)
2087 Source Medium: Book

Marriages from First Congregational Church,
Lebanon, New London Co., CT
Source (S34)
2088 Source Medium: Book

Microfilm of manuscript records at the Huron County courthouse, Norwalk, Ohio.
Source (S82)
2089 Source Medium: Book

Newspaper clippings pasted into 1926/27 edition of "Pacific Coast Musician" yearbook.
Source (S140)
2090 Source Medium: Book

Photocopied pages
From Robert Ward's research; Teresia Ward Smith
Source (S138)
2091 Source Medium: Book

Research done on Gusewelle line Jan-May 2001.
Source (S79)
2092 Source Medium: Book

Researched by Bob Dustman
Source (S115)
2093 Source Medium: Book

[in seven volumes, 1896-1906]
Vol 6, page 119
Source (S83)
2094 Source Medium: Book
Source (S1)
2095 Source Medium: Book
Source (S20)
2096 Source Medium: Book
Source (S22)
2097 Source Medium: Book
Source (S23)
2098 Source Medium: Book
Source (S25)
2099 Source Medium: Book
Source (S26)
2100 Source Medium: Book
Source (S28)

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