Wood Sisters

Clara Myrtle Bredenkamp

Clara Myrtle Bredenkamp was born April 22, 1890 in East St. Louis, St. Clair County, Missouri to Frederick William Bredenkamp II and Otillie Telitha Stahlhuth. Myrtle was baptized on June 8, 1890 at St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church on 8th Street in East St. Louis. She had 5 siblings: Frederick W. Jr. (Willie), Mathilde Marie Lilly (called Massie, she died at 2 years old), Dorothea Lillian (Dollie), Grace Gertrude (she also died at 2 years old), and Luella Pearl. Myrtle was called “Pet” by her family.

This is the earliest photograph of Myrtle with her two sisters, Pearl and Dollie.

Myrtle, Pearl, Dollie, ca 1899
L to R: Myrtle about 9 years old, Pearl, Dollie, Ca 1899, East St. Louis, IL

The complete family photo including aunts and uncles, appears to have been taken about 1906 when Myrtle was about 16 and Pearl about 6 years old. I still need to determine the names of the others.

F. W. Bredenkamp extended family
Front Steps: ?, Pearl, Dollie, F.W. Bredenkamp
Standing Left: ?
Standing Right: ?, ?, ?
Boy behind Dollie: ?
Next row: Pet, Otillie, ?
Standing on Fence: ?, Aunt Ella, ? (man), Aunt Lillie
On porch left: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

This next photograph of William Bredenkamp II’s family was taken about 1908 probably at William’s home at 1321 St. Louis Ave., East St. Louis, Illinois. Pearl’s notes on each person is listed below the photograph. Pearl is not in the picture.

F. W. Bredenkamp extended family
Front Row: Aunt Ella, Aunt Pet, Tillie Bredenkamp, Dollie
Middle Row: a friend, Mamie Keese (pappa’s sister’s child), Pet, pappa, Aunt Lillie, Uncle Henry
Back Row: Mamma, Aunt Lydia, English woman, Aunt Kemper (pappa’s brother’s widow), Uncle Claude, Aunt Lute

In about 1909 this photograph was taken – for some reason Pearl had cut out just she and Myrtle for her photograph album. Pearl had always been close to Myrtle and looked up to her big sister. Myrtle was about 19 and Pearl about 9.

Pearl with Myrtle

Pearl with Myrtle, about 1909

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