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1047 / B 93 / 23-11-1619 Marriage certificate

Parties: Richard Masterson, bachelor, woolcomber, Sandwich, Mary Goodall, spinster, Leiston, William Talbot, John Ellis, brother-in-law;

Marriage certificate Richard Masterson and Mary Goodall, 1619

Witnesses: Elisabeth Keble, Mary Wing.
Masterson, Richard (I343)
Wood, Douglas Eugene (I1)
Atwood, William (I148)
Barden, Stephen Jr. (I1757)
Barden, Timothy (I1760)
Barden, William (I1758)
Beattie, Mary Jane (I1513)
Carson, Mary (I719)
Howland, John (I1847)
Paul, Abigail (I531)
Pro, Living (I19)
Schlutt, Living (I5373)
Stephenson, Living (I5705)
Weigel, John Leonard (I3406)
Weigel, John Martin (I1748)
Williamson, Abigail (I352)
Williamson, Mary (I1777)
Williamson, Timothy (I134)
Wood, Abiel (I809)
Wood, David (I123)
Wood, Elizabeth (I762)
Wood, Elnathan (I807)
Wood, Jabez (I132)
Wood, James (I1825)
Wood, Joanna (I818)
Wood, Judah (I813)
Wood, Living (I8)
Wood, Living (I778)
Wood, Living (I781)
Wood, Mary (I124)
Wood, Robert Brownle (I770)
Wood, Samuel (I720)
Wood, Simeon (I845)
Wood, Susie Elfleda (I82)
Wood, Sylvanus (I125)
Woodworth, Electa (I90)
Family F61
Born aboard the Little James a month before her parents landed in
Jenney, Sarah (I295)
DEATH: d.y. - 1st name uncertain
BURIAL: St. Peter's Yard, Leyden
Jenney, Ann (I573)
He was made freeman in 1633, On the 20th of Feb, 1634, he sold his Estate to John Twisden, and removed to Barnstable accompanied by the Rev. John Lathrop,; about 1663, he removed to Falmouth, MA and again in 1673 to Tisbury, on Martha's Vineyard. In Nov. 1701, he returned to Barnstable, where he had retained his church membership, and resided with his daughter Fear.

He came in the ship "Lion" in 1631 at the age of 21 to Scituate, MA. Made Freeman in 1633; joined the church at Barnstable, MA 7 Nov 1636. On the 20th of February 1634 he sold his Estate to John Twisden, and removed to Barnstable accompanied by the Rev. John Lathrop. About 1663 he removed to Falmouth, MA and in 1701 to Tisbury on Martha's Vineyard. In November 1701 he returned to Barnstable, where he had retained his church membership, and resided with his daughter Fear, the wife of Mr. Samuel Baker, until his death in 1704, age 94.

Birth Source:
Text: The American Genealogist Vol. 18, pg. 56
The Robinson Genealogy by The Robinson Genealogical Society
The Great Migration Begins 3 Vols. by Robert Charles Anderson

Death Source:
Text: The Robinson Genealogy by The Robinson Genealogical Society
The Great Migration Begins by Robert Charles Anderson

Marriage Source:
Text: The Robinson Genealogy by The Robinson Genealogical Society
The Great Migration Begins by Robert Charles Anderson
Mayflower Source Records Selected and Introduced by Gary Boyd Roberts 1977

2nd Marriage Source:
Text: The Robinson Genealogy by The Robinson Genealogical Society


The first of this family to come to Tisbury was Isaac, the second son of Rev. John Robinson, famous as the pastor of the Pilgrims at Leyden, Holland, and of Bridget White his wife. [*Rev. John Robinson was a native of Lincolnshire, born about 1575. He matriculated at Emanuel College, Cambridge, in 1592, becoming a Fellow of Corpus Christi six years later. He resigned in 1604 and became identified with the Puritans or Dissenters, and fled to Amsterdam about 1608 and thence removed in 1609 to Leyden. His record as spiritual leader of the English exiles, who later became the "Mayflower" Pilgrims, is well known. He died March 1, 1625. His wife, whom he had married in Northampton, England, Feb. 15, 1603, survived, and perhaps came to New England in the fleet with Winthrop (Letter, Shirley to Bradford, March 8, 1629-30).] "He came not to New England" writes Sewall, "till the year in which Mr [John] Wilson was returning to England after the settlement of Boston.'' [*Sewall, Diary. He came in the ship "Lyon."] This was in 1631, and Isaac immediately settled at Plymouth, later removing to Duxbury (1634), Scituate (1636), Barnstable (1639) and Falmouth (1660). In Scituate he married for his first wife Margaret, daughter of Theophilus and Eglin (Mortimer) Hanford, June 27, 1636, sister of Rev. Thomas Hanford of Norwalk, Conn., and niece of Mr. Timothy Hatherly. By her he had five children and after her death (June 14, 1649), he married second, Mary Faunce, 1650, and four more children, all sons, were the fruit of this union.

By reason of his parentage he was a prominent man in Plymouth Colony, but later in 1669, for displaying liberality toward the doctrines of the Quakers, was disfranchised by Governor Thomas Prince. It appears that he had attended their meetings for the purpose of showing them the error of their ways, but instead of accomplishing this, became self -convicted and embraced some of their beliefs. He was restored to citizenship in 1673 by Governor Winslow. [*The old record of disfranchisement is interlined with the words:"there being some mistake in this the said Isaac at his request is re-established." (Hiss. of Falmouth, 13.)]

It appears that Isaac Robinson with others, in 1660, decided to leave Barnstable presumably for the Vineyard, and took letters of dismissal to the church at Great Harbor, but finally decided to settle at Falmouth. [*Records, Church, West Barnstable, comp. History of Falmouth. He built his house in 1661 on the neck between Fresh and Salt Ponds, Falmouth Heights.] How long he remained an actual resident of that town is not known, but in May, 1671, he was admitted a proprietor of the new settlement at Takemmy, and probably soon after this became identified with Tisbury. At this time he was about 60 years of age, having been born in 1610, and he was perhaps, with the exception of Joseph Merry, the oldest resident of the new settlement. In 1673 he became associated with the "Dutch Rebellion," but suffered no punishment therefor, unless the records are silent regarding him. His four sons by the second marriage, Israel, Jacob, Peter and Thomas, became residents of the Vineyard, though none of them left descendants here to perpetuate the name. Those who resided here in the next century were his descendants through his first marriage. His son Israel, baptized Oct. 5, 1651, assumed the name of Isaac in memory of an older half brother of that name who was drowned in 1668, and was ever after known by the adopted name. [*He signed as Israel in 1670 and 1671. Tisbury Records, 3, 4.] This change made two Isaac Robinsons in the town and creates difficulties in identification of the one whose name appears on the records, but it is probable that he is the "good man" Robinson chosen townsman in 1678, 1680, 1683, rather than the younger of the name. He had his home lot on the east side of Old Mill river, bounded on the south by the Mill path. This he sold in November, 1701, to his son Isaac, together with all his dividend lots in various parts of the town. [*Dukes Deeds, II, 35. This establishes the identity of Isaac Senior as the resident here, as his son Isaac was childless.] He was then over ninety years of age, but continued to reside here, presumably with one of his sons. Sewall saw him here when on a visit in 1702 and thus refers to the incident:

"He saith he is 92 years old is the son of Mr. Robinson pastor of the ch. of Leyden, part of wch came to Plimo. * * * * I told him I was very desirous to see him for his fathers sake and his own. Gave him an Arabian piece of gold to buy a book for some of his grand children." [*Sewall, Diary.]

According to tradition this scion of a distinguished family died about 1704 in Barnstable at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Fear Baker. "A venerable man," writes Prince in his Annals, "whom I have often seen."

His sons Isaac and Jacob remained in Tisbury, dying within eighteen days of each other, in 1718, while the other two brothers, Peter and Thomas, removed to Connecticut early in the 18th century Isaac (Isack) Robinson came in the ship Lion in 1631, at the age of 21, to Scituate, Massachusetts; made Freeman in 1633; joined the church at Barnstable, Massachusetts, Nov. 7, 1636; his home lot was the fifth from Colman's Hill, consisting of 12 acres, on which he built a house. At the time of his death at age 94 he was living with his daughter Fear and her husband Samuel Baker.[dickdutton(2).ged]

History of Martha's Vineyard (C. Banks) 
Robinson, Isaac (I2286)
41 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Wood, John Martin (I12)
REF: My Bunch Tree Lila Nickerson

New England Historical & Genealogical Register Vol. 48. page 71.

Library of Cape Cod History & Genealogy #34.

National Genealogical Society Quarterly vol.5,#1.

The Mayflower Planters Cape Cod Series vol.I, by Leon Clark Hill

He was named in the Will of his father Nicholas Snow written Nov. 14, 1676
in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts.

Advenures Of Purse And Person Virginia 1607-1625 Pueblo library 975.

REF: Genealogy of Hugh and Marian (Yancey) Zorger Hugh A. Zorger

BIRTH: "Mayflower Descendants and Their Marriages" by John T. Landis; Mentioned in his father's will; NEGHR, multiple references.

Descendants of Edward Small has his birth about 1638. Inventory of his estate was taken 4 Apr 1692.

Marriage source note: Eastham, Massachusetts vital records vol 7, pg 17 
Snow, John (I2753)
She was a sister of Edward Faunce, who married Lettice, a sister of Margaret Hanford; a man of Kent, England., who settled in Scituate in 1633. She was the daughter of John and Patience (Morton) Faunce. 
Faunce, Mary (I2310)
Probate records for Elias Ritts
Will signed on 10 Mar 1886
Died on 19 Feb 1888 at his home
Catherine was still alive as of 2 Mar 1888
Ritts, Elias (I2181)
The headstone was made per Charles Ritts and installed sometime in the 1950's. The birth date on the headstone says 29 Apr 1871. Not sure why the discrepancy with 12 Apr in the Irish records. 
McCaughan, Katherine (I256)
46 !THE STOCKTON PROJECT, Pam Jeglinski; FEB 2000
!OLIVE BATCHER, "Hill-Wallace Family, 1995; gives wife as Margaret Breckinridge; John died in Apr 1766; his will is in Carlisle, PA;
!Will of John McCamey, tanner of Letterkenny, Cumberland Co., PA; dated 4 MAR 1765, prov. 26 MAY 1766; names wife, Margaret and dau., Mary Stockdale. Cumberland Co., Will Book A, pp 143-146
!RICHARD HANSON; Engles Notes & Queries; b. in of Letterkenny Twp., Cumberland Co., PA, d APR 1766; m Margaret Breckinridge; s/o Robert and Jane Makemie 
Makemie, John (I2386)
47 "John Williams grandson of James Percival"
The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. Boston, MA: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1847-. (Online database: AmericanAncestors.org, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2001-2018.) Vol 141, pp251-4
Interesting article that clarifies who John Williams was. Most likely an out-of-wedlock birth by Susannah Turner and John Williams and who was adopted by James' daughter Mary Bassett.

Percival, James (I509)
48 "New Jersey, Abstract of Wills, 1670-1817". Volume XXXII, Abstract of Wills, 1751-1760. Ancestry.com". http://www.ancestry.com : 2011. Source (S244)
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