Wood Sisters


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Source (S233)
56 "William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas", Miami County, Part 6

JEREMIAH T. HAUGHEY, of the firm of Haughey & Fisher, fire insurance agents, was born in Ohio. Moved to Illinois, where he was a pioneer of Logan County in 1849. In 1857 he moved to Kansas and located at Miami Mission. In August, 1862, he enlisted in Company C, Twelfth Kansas Infantry as a private and served three years. On his return from the army he was elected Treasurer of the Miami County and in January, 1866, moved to Paola in the discharge of his duties. At the end of the term, by a change in the law regulating the tenure of the office, there was an interregnum of six months between the close of one term and the beginning of the next. He was appointed to fill such vacancy and re-elected the following term. In 1872 he established his insurance agency, and January, 1881, took in Mr. Burr Fisher as a partner.

Haughey, Jeremiah Thomas (I1895)
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59 Williams, John (I1707)
60 1 female child - living
Crawford, Grace Janet (I1542)
61 1 female child - living
Matson, Ann (I1543)
62 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Miller, Harry (I1601)
63 10 children
Hoblit, Mellicent (I1005)
64 11 children Turner, Edwin (I2067)
65 12 children
Hoblit, Nancy (I1003)
66 1623 Apprenticed to his brother, Humprey, Citizen and Draper of London, England Howland, Simon (I2784)
67 1646 In his will, it mentions a debt owed him by Mr. Ruch of New England for 16. Howland, Humphery (I1783)
68 1715/23 Taufe [Baptism]
3.3.1715 in Buer
Joh. Herm.
Vater: Johan Casper Kuhlman [Father]
Paten: Peter Dircker [God Parents]
Casper Herman Kuhlman
Anna Elisabeth Koring
Kuhlmann, Johan Herman (I5525)
69 1740/22 Trauung [Wedding]
7.7.1740 in Buer
Johan Herm. Kuhlman
und Anna Marlena (=Marie Helene ?) Brinckman
Family F1821
70 1744/63 Taufe [Baptism]
10.5.1744 in Buer
Joh. Henr.
Vater: Johan Herm. Kuhlman [Father]
Paten: Jobst Henrich Brinckman [God Parents]
Johan Wilhelm Walter
Maria Elsabe Apken

1810/22 Tod [Death]
Johann Henrich Kuhlmann 65 J. 6 Monate [65 years, 6 months]
Eltern: + Johann Hermann Kuhlmann, Colonus in Wetter
[Parents: + Johann Herman Kuhlmann, Colonist in Wetter]
+ Marie Helene geb. Schäfer
[+ Marie Helene nee Schäfer]
Er war 38 Jahre 6 Monate verheiratet mit Catrina Marie große Prante.
(d.h. C.M.Prante ist ca 04/1807 gestorben)
He was for 38 years 6 months married to Catrina Marie Prante great [?].
(i.e. C.M. Prante died about 04/1807)
Cuhlman, Johan Heinrich (I5509)
71 1768/24 Trauung [Wedding]
19.10.1768 in Buer
Joh. Hinr. Cuhlman
und Catr. Mar. Prante
Family F1348
72 1851 census of England. Lancashire. Digital images. ancestry.com. http://www.ancestry.com : 2005. Source (S158)
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74 1870 Census St. Charles, St. Charles, Missouri
Listed with Mary and 5 children, living next to Peter and Jacob Hausam and Adam Boellner and John Hausam
1900 Census
Leon, Butler, Kansas
Boellner, John Henry Christoff (I4265)
75 1880 census states parents born in Pennsylvania
Donley, Mary Jane (I5815)
76 1885 U.S. census. Iowa. Pocahontas. Digital images. Ancestry.com. http://www.ancestry.com : 2007. Source (S232)
77 1900 Census
6 children, 6 living

Probate Record Index, St. Charles, MO .... at SCCHS
Boellner, Adam Folder 285, File 13
Boellner, Adam (I4266)
78 1910 Census
Could not find Alonzo and Lula Bell in the Sparta district 117

A J was a member of the Sparta chapter of the Modern Woodmen of America society
Stephenson, Alonzo Judson (I255)
79 1920 census
Living with grandmother, Elizabeth (Preston) Stephenson 
Stephenson, Maude Lillian (I1507)
80 1st cousin of W. H. Seward, Sec. of State

REF: History of Greene County, Ohio by George F. Robinson, p 380 & 384
Is it possible that Mellicent's last name is Sowards or Stewart?

Based on her gravestone death date, her calculated birthdate is 24 Jan 1783 
Seward, Mellicent (I993)
81 2 female children - living
Burns, Helen (I1529)
82 2 male and 2 female children still living
Stephenson, Harold John (I1559)
83 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Lyle, Charles (I1607)
84 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Lyle, John D. (I1610)
85 3 female children - living
Caldwell, Elizabeth Imogene (I1535)
86 3 female children - living
Stephenson, William Watson (I1548)
87 4 female children - living
McDill, Nell (I1536)
88 5 female children - living
Burns, Anna (I1522)
89 6 children Butz, Mary Ann (I5817)
90 8 children
Hoblit, Elizabeth (I1001)
91 8 children
Orr, Samuel (I5119)
92 8 children Hornby, Ellen (I5120)
93 9 children
Information from "The Best Family" on Genealogy.com
Ritts, Catherine (I6092)
94 95046 San Martin
Santa Clara, California 
McGuire, Marilyn Gwen (I48)
Headstone shows birthdate as 11 Sept 1789

Ritz, Johannes (I2111)
Mary Ann's headstone says her birth date is 25 Jul 1812

Ritz, Hannah (I2119)
1779 Septennial Census Longswamp Twp, Berks Co., PA
Christian Ritz listed
1790 Federal Census Longswamp Twp, Berks Co., PA.
"George Ritz, Sr" listed with his wife and a son over 16 years old (this would be John). This is probably Christian since there has been no other George Ritz listed at any time prior to 1830. Listing him as "Sr" may have been done since his sons, Elias (East District) and Peter (Rockland), are also in Berks Co. Could his name have been George Christian Ritz and used his middle name as his formal name (typical for German names)?
1800 Federal Census - no listing for Christian Ritz

Ritz, Christian (I6072)
1790 Berks Co., East District Twp, PA lists an Elias Ritz with 1 boy as under 16 and no other children.
1800 Berks Co., Longswamp Twp, PA lists an Elias Ritz with a boy 16 - 26 and 2 boys under 10 and 1 girl under 10. Is this Christian's father? Elias does not show up in any 1810 census index. What happened to him?
1810 Berks Co., Longswamp Twp, PA shows 1 boy under 10 and 1 girl under 10 and both Christian and his wife as 16 - 26
1820 Berks Co., Longswamp Twp, PA shows 3 boys and 3 girls and both Christian and his wife as 45 and over (??)
1830 Berks Co., Longswamp Twp, PA shows 4 boys and 2 girls and Christian as 40 - 50 and his wife as 50 - 60
1840 Venango Co., Richland Twp, PA shows 2 boys and 2 girls and Christian as 50 - 60 and his wife as 40 - 50. This is his second wife, Catherine. When did he remarry? Did he remarry in Venango Co.?
1850 Clarion Co., Richland Twp, PA shows just Christian and Catherine and Christian's age as 63 rather than 66 and Catherine as 50.

Ritts, Christian (I278)
1790 Longswamp, Berks Co., PA
Henry Weiss with 3 boys under 16 (Henry, John, Elias), 5 females
1800 Longswamp, Berks, PA
No Weiss listed

Weiss, Henry (I6091)
1790 Rockland, Berks, PA Census
There were 3 boys under 16 in the household of J. Peter Ritz.
George was the oldest so he was born before 1790

Ritz, George (I2095)

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